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Or… if you want to dive deeper, read a rich collection of articles covering yoga philosophy, practice, styles of yoga, therapy based information, meditation and much more. You can also read entire books online, personal experiences and musings as well as serious research on Yoga. For all this, visit our Yoga Information section.

Yoga Cleansing

The little-known but hugely beneficial aspects of detoxification in Yoga can help prevent various health disorders as well as treat several others. Read about Sinus Irrigation (Neti), Colon cleansing (Enemas) as well as Stomach cleansing and Oral cleansing and how they go a long way in helping the body remain disease-free. Visit the Yoga Cleansing Section.

Yoga & Meditation

Understand Meditation, its benefits and meditation techniques that can help you move towards a calmer and stress free state. Learn about mantras and the significance of Mala beads in Japa meditation. All of this and much more in our Meditation section.

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Experience invigorating yoga and health retreats at destinations across the world. Enriching Ashram Stays in India or Beach retreats in India and other parts of the world… we bring it all to you, at one place – the Retreats section.

Yoga Teacher Trainings and Courses

An unbiased platform for you to choose among several yoga certification courses. You can now select a suitable yoga teacher training course based on your preference – style, location, dates, budget or then, based on unique ranking and verifying system. Visit the Yoga Certification section
More on Yoga

Yoga covers all aspects of life and living… Whether it is about breath modulation techniques (pranayama), food in yoga, or then yoga during pregnancy – yoga, when incorporated into all aspects of living provides long-lasting and beneficial changes in the human organism. We cover all of this and more on this website…. We hope you enjoy it!

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