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Neti & Nasal Drops

The success of Jala Neti really depends upon getting a proper flow of water through the nostrils.

Often the situation is quite bad. Severe nasal blockage would inhibit the use of neti for due relief.

Not only that; Starting neti on badly clogged sinuses could actually be detrimental. This because, for one, the water would not flow right through and result in water remaining inside which could actually cause the infection to fester. Moreover, when the nostrils are clogged, drying them becomes extremely difficult.

So, what is the solution?

Some people have found a remarkable way out…

Using decongestant nasal drops can temporarily open up the nostrils. This provides only a temporary relief and really does nothing to fight the infection.

Moreover, such decongestant nasal drops are often very harsh on the mucus lining and throat, causing a ‘raw and sore’ feeling.

However, when combined with neti, it can prove to be an effective remedy…

For one, Neti can now be done, allowing for the festering mucus to be expelled from the sinuses. Once this is done, proper drying of the nostrils should also not be an issue.

Equally importantly, the gentle rinsing effect of neti with saline would sooth the linings by washing them of the medicine residues. This would not allow the chemical effect of the nasal drops to play havoc with our linings.

It seems using this dual method in severely congested cases, could actually mitigate the severity of infection and provide rapid restoration of sinus health.

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