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SteloKleen Stainless Steel Neti Pot

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

SteloKleen Stainless Steel Neti Pot

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  • Best option for Neti practice; No plastics or ceramics, for proper yogic cleansing.
  • Clinically Hygienic – Non Toxic Stainless Steel; Unbreakable & Robust.
  • Capacity 500 ml- Large enough to rinse both nostrils with a single fill.
  • Very functional design- Hand crafted smooth Nose Tip that fits perfectly; Neck for comfortable holding, even when the pot is full.
  • No harmful lead-based solders used. Unmatched Support from original founders of Steel Neti Pot
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  • US$ 22.95


When it comes to relief from sinus infections, you cant afford to compromise on the quality of the neti pot the most effective remedy discovered so far.

Why the SteloKleen Steel Neti Pot?

Made of clinically hygienic stainless steel, it doesn't allow bacteria to breed in crevices or pores. It can easily be sterilized and made sparkling clean for each use.

Jala Neti, being a wet process and with the tilting of the head, it is easy for the pot to slip out, but no worries of breakages with your SteloKleen Neti Pot.

With its large size (16oz. / 500 ml.), this neti pot allows you a thorough flushing of both nostrils with a single fill. You can do away with the trouble of a refill.

Using years of experience, we have designed the SteloKleen to meet the finer needs of neti pot users:

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  • An exquisitely smooth and tapered nose tip that fits snugly onto nostrils of any size, is so essential yet missing in almost ALL the other neti pot varieties, characterized by sharp-edged or totally absent nose tips.
  • Superior manufacture no use of harmful lead-based solders. Use of solders can also causerust or corrosion. The SteloKleen Neti Pot does away with any solder at all, making it safe and with a truly non-snappingspout.
  • Unmatched Support Automatic access to over 200 FAQs (question / answers) based on the difficulties faced by real Neti Users. This, in addition tothe Neti Instructions provided with your SteloKleen you simply cant go wrong!
  • Please read some of the kind words on the support we strive to provide.

Why Stainless Steel?

A good question which begs many answers.
With the rising concern of toxic BPA in Plastics, it is perhaps wiser to steer clear of plastic pots, especially when the whole purpose of Neti is to detoxify the sinuses and clear it of infections. It is true plastics are cheaper, but plastics are also more prone to leeching of chemicals especially in warm liquids which is what your neti solution is warm saline water. Salt sedimentation on the plastic surfaces can also be that much more difficult to clean, threatening the hygiene aspect so vital to have.

The other material, Ceramic, is certainly a softer and pleasing material, but it suffers from the drawback of being fragile a big drawback for this wet process, small in size and most importantly, not having a tapering nose tip which is crucial for nostril support.

Stainless Steel is non-toxic and the preferred choice in medical applications to this date. Also, for reasons highlighted in the SteloKleen, it makes a wonderful material for neti pots.

Dont just take our word. Read the tomes of neti testimonials we receive every single day!

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Oh Yes! Please keep coming back to read various interesting articles on Neti that we continue to add and feel free to share your unique experiences with your neti pot You wont believe it, but we had a lady who was absolutely convinced that Neti reprogrammed her anxieties and helped her to conceive after years of unsuccessful attempts.

To read more on the powerful benefits of neti for sinus infection and as a sinus irrigation tool, Click here.

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  • 2/21/2023 9:41:26 PM

    Boulder , United States

    Beautiful and functional!

  • 1/17/2022 11:01:15 AM

    Kalamunda , Australia

    Excellent service ,here in 4 days. Very good product
    . Thank you Kindly
    Regards Frances

  • 11/1/2021 7:03:20 PM

    Palm Springs , United States

    Review not Provided.

Worldwide Reviews

HealthandyogaRecent Questions & Problems Answered

HealthandyogaAre there any dangers of using the Neti Pot? I read somewhere of a couple of deaths by using contaminated water in the pot?

You seem to be referring to a warning report issued by the Louisiana State health Department, suggesting the possibility of bacteria in infected water reaching the brain through the neti pot. In our personal yet sincere opinion, this surmise is flawed & should have been more about the water than about the practice of neti. For one, water used in the neti pot is warm & saline. A saline environment renders many bacteria ineffective. Second, reportedly the water in nasal passages can reach the brain only if squirted under pressure. Neti is a purely gentle, gravity flow procedure, so there is no squirting or pressure involved. Third, there seems to be no conclusive evidence or even attempt to verify whether the casualties may have occurred as a result of a swim or simply a shower in the infected water or any other activity. The correlation to & highlighting of neti as opposed to a whole gamut of other activities seems hurried and strange. Finally, neti is a practice that has existed for hundreds (if not thousands) of years in oriental countries where the quality of water can be quite pathetic, to say the least. To this date, no such reports of deaths have even been suggested worldwide. Needless to say, it is always a wise practice to use sterilized or pre-boiled water as an abundant precaution. Our reply is merely trying to put the fear in right perspective. And.. you may also like to avoid those squirt bottles that ‘force’ water. Simply stick to the gentle gravity flow of neti.


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