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Mallet Finger Splint
Suitable for post fracture care of the distal phalange
USD$ 7.95
Cast Shoe
Tapered sole improves the gait and balance of patient
USD$ 13.95
Natural Aromatic Shoe
The aromatic shoe sachets are a unique product
USD$ 8.50
Frog Splint
Frog splint protects supports immobilize and stabilizes
USD$ 8.50
Finger Cot
It provides protection from contamination
USD$ 8.50
Pranayama Spine Stick
Pranayama has immeasurable benefits in Yoga
USD$ 14.95
Manual Breast Pump
Breast feeding is strongly recommended for babies’ growth
USD$ 21.95
Infant Nasal Aspirator
Designed to give immediate relief from nasal congestion
USD$ 8.80
Tongue Cleaner - Copper 12 pc. Set
Removes more Mucous, Bacteria and Debris from the Tongue
USD$ 9.99

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