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Cold Massage Roller Ball
Professional and Versatile Massager; Instant Cold therapy on-the-go – Easy Grip Steel Roller Ball
USD$ 24.95
Stress Buster Wooden Massager
Stimulates blood circulation, pumps Oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs
USD$ 12.95
Finger-Hand-Joint Body massager
Helps to alleviate the pain of carpal tunnel, joint pain, soreness, stiffness and numbnes
USD$ 9.45
Stainless steel Reusable straws Bent
High tensile strength to drink juice directly from fruit like orange
USD$ 12.95
Spike Acupressure Massage Gloves
Spike pressure also helps in gastric conditions, circulatory disease, urological issues
USD$ 15.25
2 Layered Mesh Sieve/Strainer
Compact strainer is made of stainless steel; sturdy and robust; Lead and BPA free
USD$ 13.69
Stainless steel Reusable straws Straight
BPA & Phthalate free thus non-carcinogenic and non-neurotoxic, easy to clean, safe for kids
USD$ 12.95
Digital Water TDS meter
Pen-size, High quality Plastic body, Anti-Rust, battery operated (replaceable) with black carry bag
USD$ 12.95
Bread / Roti Wrapping Cover
Cotton cloth for covering roti or bread and keeping it fresh and hygienic
USD$ 8.75

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