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Eye Relaxation Kit
Helps with removing dark circles, puffiness, pain and redness of the eyes
USD$ 8.95
Meditation Bracelets
Colorful fancy Bracelets; Made of original stone; Inherits their basic qualities
USD$ 10.25
Eye Wash Cups - (Set of 2)
Safe for eyes: No sharp edges on cup; Can stand to keep liquid safe & untouched; Hygieni
USD$ 7.95
Big Toe Exerciser Straightener Strap
Great for keeping feet together while performing yoga and other abdomen related exercises
USD$ 8.25
Disposable Headrest Towels
Handy Towel doubles up as Hair drying towel for clients after spa sessions; Prevents hair breakage
USD$ 7.95
Filter Dust Mask for Heavy Particles-Protection
Black Dual Layer Mask provides heavy dust particle protection; Useful as SOS Saviour
USD$ 8.95
Gel Bunion Guard - Three Toe Separator
Soft and cushiony texture frees the toes and feet from pain and discomfort
USD$ 8.95
Travel Neti Pot - Nasal Wash
Smooth Conical shape Tapered Nose tip fits snugly at Nostril and also minimizes dropping of water
USD$ 7.95
Spa & Massage Apron
Extremely hygienic; Avoids touch of worker’s clothes to client’s body; Ensures fresh & clean massages
USD$ 10.25

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