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Soft Fingered - Silicone Tooth Brush for Babies
soft tongue cleaner on opposite side to remove bacteria from their tongue
USD$ 8.50
Handy Sanitary Disposable Bags - Single Pack
disposable bags are exceedingly simple to use
USD$ 8.35
Gel Cushion Sleeves (1 Pair)
Comfortable to use all-day long; Easy to wear with sandals, boots
USD$ 11.25
Combo of 2 Surgical Steel tongue cleaners
tongue cleaners is made of superior quality surgical grade stainless steel.
USD$ 13.95
Toe Separating Feet Bands – (1 Pair)
Medical grade Silicone toe separating Band provides immediate pain relief
USD$ 8.50
Silicone Baby bib - Adjustable Neck-String - Small
Bibs are really helpful to feed them neatly.
USD$ 8.95
Superior Quality Copper Tongue Cleaner with Handle
Made of Heavier quality Copper, Robust, Long-Lasting with greater flexibility
USD$ 7.25
Ultra-soft Silicone Toe - Spacers (1 Pair)
Super-Soft Silicone Separator soothes the prickling irritation between toes
USD$ 8.20
Eco-friendly Bamboo Tongue Cleaner
Slotted on both ends of the scraper for comfortable grip without slipping
USD$ 5.95

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