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Foot Care Kit
Exclusive "Walk – able Foot Pack" enables mobility during application
USD$ 10.95
Spine and Lower Back Support Kit
Spinal support kit offers a suitable solution
USD$ 18.95
Scalp and Head Massagers - Set of 3
Eases the tension in the nerves and relieves headache and stress.
USD$ 8.50
Hand Roller Massage Ball
Reduces stress and fatigue on back, shoulder and neck
USD$ 12.95
Reflex Massage Ball with Spikes
Helps in daily workout; eases away tension; releases muscle stiffness
USD$ 7.95
Magnetic Lumbar Support Belt
20 health magnets to improve blood circulation
USD$ 19.95
Hip Protection Underwear
Ideal for patients at risk for hip fracture
USD$ 24.95
Cotton Yoga Mat - Skin Friendly
Natural cotton fiber material - Skin Friendly and ecofriendly
USD$ 21.95
Yoga Sand Bag - Yoga Prop
Outer bag has handles for easy maneuverability and dexterity in use
USD$ 8.95

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