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Premium Enema Bucket
Surgical grade Premium Quality Stainless Steel Enema Bucket, high in quality
USD$ 19.95
Baby Feeding Combo
Combination of two silicone spoons & a bib with adjustable neck string & crumb pocket
USD$ 15.50
Hand and Foot Nerve Toning Kit
The spiky reflex ball induces acupressure, massages & tones feet nerves and muscles
USD$ 11.50
Metal Shoe Horn
Superior quality Metal shoe horn, durable, long lasting and light weight
USD$ 7.95
Oral Hygiene Care Combo
Complete and total oral hygiene care and control, includes a tongue cleaner and stain remover
USD$ 8.95
Hand Toning Kit
Complete hand care and toning kit, releases muscle tension and relieves stress
USD$ 10.75
Home Enema Premium Bucket Kit
Smooth and knick free nozzles ensure easy & pain-free insertion, comes with free a detailed handbook
USD$ 47.95
Pure Copper mug
Copper has potent anti-inflammatory properties; it helps in rheumatoid arthritis and pain relief
USD$ 12.95
Eye Cleanse Combo
Great eye care and cleanse combo; reduces soreness, provides stress relief
USD$ 9.25

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