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Right Hand Pet Grooming Glove
Works like a bath brush; Helps clean pet’s confined parts, cleans its hair and removes dirt
USD$ 11.25
Short PVC Colon Tips (Pack of 10)
Round Closed end with side opening protects sensitive areas; Single tip for single use only
USD$ 5.95
PVC dotted Yoga Palms
Made of Blended Cotton; help maintains the Spinal Alignment without undue strain
USD$ 4.95
Womb-Like Baby Carrying Sling for Parents
Buckle on shoulder strap allows adjusting the sling to carry the baby with maximum comfort
USD$ 23.95
Yoga Stability Essentials
2 Metal rings at each end for easy fastening; Strap builds flexibility while practice
USD$ 16.95
Essential Yoga Props: PVC dotted Yoga Palms & Socks
Both help in keeping Spine aligned and preventing injuries during Yoga-practice without any strain
USD$ 9.99
Flexible Exercising Ball for Hand and finger Muscles
Dual Options: Softer Ball for Neuro and Nerve Fitness; Harder one for exercising Joints
USD$ 8.50
Anti - Slip Yoga Socks
PVC dots provide Anti-Slip Grip & allows foot full flexibility for Yoga Postures
USD$ 7.95
Refreshing Face Care Kit: Gel Face mask & Face Scrub
The Soft spiky Face Scrub cleanses facial skin by removing black heads & dead skin
USD$ 7.95

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