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Social Media Advertising: and its network of Facebook Pages have a total of likes in excess of 25000!

We are also members of more than 400 yoga and related groups worldwide. Our posts reach out to thousands of members of our friends and to the members of these groups.

You can find users readily for your yoga activities through our FaceBook Outreach!

Timeframe: One Month, 20 Posts

Fees: $220

Wrte to us for details on [email protected]

Banner Advertising:

Please Note: All banner ads are accepted subject to Editorial Review. Being sensitive of our visitor profile, we are selective on what kind of ads we accept. In any case, we do not carry ads of any adult, obscene or objectionable nature, nor do we accept ads of industry such as tobacco, alcohol, gambling etc.

Why Advertise with us?
  • Large traffic site: See our latest Site Traffic Stats
  • Highly targeted site: Targets people with following profile
    • Interest in Yoga, natural health, new age, spirituality and holistic health
    • People seeking relief from assorted health disorders
    • People with enough disposable income to buy yoga and health products
  • Simple, Clean and No-nonsense dealing
Banner Sizes

Please Note: At this time, we do not accept expandable, interstitials, pop-ups or pop-under ads - we believe these interfere with user experience. Other ads are welcome.

  1. Top Banner Ads  
Size: 468 x 60

Locations: Available across all Sections / Sub-Sections / and all pages of this website

Pricing: $450 Per Month
  2. SkyScraper Ads  
Size: 120 x 600

Locations: Available across our InfoPlace and Community Sections and their Sub-Sections

Pricing: Between $360 Per Month
  3. Side Rectangle Ads  
Size: 120 x 290

Locations: Available across our InfoPlace, Community and Popular Sections and their Sub-Sections

Pricing: Between $290 Per Month


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Newsletter Advertising:

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