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Swine Flu, Avian Flu & the Neti Pot

First it was SARS; then Avian and now the Swine Flu! Wonder whats next??

It seems more than ever before that the solution lies in prevention OR to state more accurately, creating the conditions for suitable prevention".

Washing hands, wearing masks etc. are all right but very limited in their approach. The first point of spread seems to be clearly related to inhaling the virus through respiration and ingestion in general.

It would make obvious sense to keep the respiratory system and nasal linings primed up, so that the immunity cells lining the mucus membranes are ready to face the onslaught at the first step.

The virus at the first stage is weak and our bodies ARE CAPABLE of neutralizing it. But what happens is that our bodies are not working at optimum capacities. The nasal linings themselves are accumulated with dead cells and mucus that prevents the immune cells from detecting the initial intrusion. With time, the virus multiplies in fact, faster by breeding on the dead mucus & cells - and by the time the immune cells realize it, its too late & the immune system lies overwhelmed.

The obvious thing which sadly, most people fail to understand is to keep our defenses alert at the first sign of intrusion. We really dont have to do much more; were blessed with a wonderful self preserving system, which would take care once this is done.

Where does Jala Neti come in?

Jala Neti and the Neti Pot, has been used increasingly over the years to keep sinus infection away. It has had remarkable results as borne out by various validations worldwide.

The principle remains the same Neti keeps the nasal lings and the deeper naso-pharynx linings primed up, preventing the settling and multiplication of foreign viruses.

Neti has had remarkable success on the sinus front as well as for various disorders of the eyes, ears and throat. It remains a wonder why it has not been adopted as regular a practice as brushing ones teeth.

Perhaps, this latest scare would help people try out the Neti Pot for themselves and discover the age old truth of keeping ones own house in order to ward off the external threat!!

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