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Maternity Support Belt
    Maternity Support Belt   White Maternity Support Belt  
Maternity Support Belt
  • No backaches - Unique high-back and strong-back feature.
  • No interference with naturally growing belly.
  • High quality - Breathable microfiber fabric woven with seamless technology
  • Double support – better balance and safety
  • 2 in 1 - Suitable for Post pregnancy too.
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This is a revolutionary lift system that is specifically designed to protect the back in the best manner possible while catering to a growing tummy.

Other maternity belts, in fact, create a greater pressure on the back, because –
  • They have a very small “back” piece, because of which even more pull is created on the back.
  • They do not have reinforced back supports.
Many other maternity belts cover the stomach, which is not recommended as it interferes with a naturally growing belly.
Maternity Support Belt use
Maternity Support Belt use
Maternity Support Belt use
The H&Y maternity support belt has a unique longer back with strong support fins on the back piece, giving the back a strong support.

It has 2 supports – at the belly base and over the belly. This gives a proper balance by double pull and ensures double safety, in case any belt opens up by mistake.

This unique double support system also ensures a freely growing stomach – you don’t want your baby growth to be compromised! This support does NOT cover the stomach

It has a superior fabric - an ultra-soft microfiber fabric guaranteed to provide seamless comfort, and a very smooth look under clothing too.

This is very suitable even after childbirth. It can then be worn as pelvis corset and partial corset after birth, also helpful for tightening the stomach.

This maternity belt helps alleviate discomfort by supporting both - the lumbar and abdominal regions.
You are special and deserve the best for your pregnancy – don’t compromise on your health!
Item Photos Size Price
Maternity Support Belt Maternity Support Belt USD$ 39.95
White Maternity Support Belt White Maternity Support Belt USD$ 21.95
Maternity Support Belt
Maternity Support Belt

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