Through the Health and Yoga Affiliate program, you can earn a continuous income while promoting path-breaking Health and Wellness tools among your network of friends and family of path.

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Why HealthAndYoga ?

The HealthAndYoga Affiliate Program has been active for over 14 years now, earning several of its affiliates a comfortable source of livelihood.

A huge range of Health And wellness products across categories, with some of them acquiring a �cult-like� status. More importantly, we ensure that these products are kept at the lowest possible prices � a great way to ensure the widest reach.

But our greatest strength is our unwavering resolve to keep the customer happy at all cost. This is what we�ve set out to do in the first place. Sample a few responses by going to:

Benefits of the Program:

  • Attractive (best in industry) commissions for every sale through your referral code
  • Multi ways to earn commissions, suitable for everyone

    (a) Options to earn while sitting on your desk � simply click links to share among your network of friends on
         social media like Facebook / or even email
    (b) Options to earn through your website
    (c) And, Options to earn through the good old word-of-mouth
  • Availability of 2-tier marketing: Appoint sub- referrers under you to multiply your income

Simple Ways to Earn

Once you Sign Up, you are provided access to your personal Affiliate center. Over here, you are provided immediate access to several easy ways to start earning right away!!

Some Instant Ways:

#1 Facebook / Social Media: Simply click links against products of your choice to share these on your Facebook / Social Media timeline � your affiliate code is discreetly embedded, so if any in your network clicks on your share and buys the product, you automatically earn the referral fee

#2 Website Links / Banners: Simply generate customized text links of the products you wish to promote OR banners (pre-designed for you) � and place them on your website or email. All clicks through these banners and links, automatically earn you a referral fee on a successful purchase

#3: Word of Mouth: Speak to your network of friend about�.. Ask them to use your email address (that you used to sign up) upon checkout in the referrer box to get a 5% discount. While they get a discount, you get a referral fee�. OR�.. Enter your friends� emails (as many) in your account when you login. Whenever that email id makes a purchase, you automatically earn a referral fee

Why join?

Here are just a few reasons:
  • It�s FREE!
  • Be up and running TODAY � it�s automatic and instant
  • If someone visits our site and does not buy today, but re-visits the site anytime within the next 3 months and purchases one of our products, you still earn your referral fee!
  • you can track your earnings in real time
  • We take care of everything - charging the credit cards, shipping the orders, and providing any customer service necessary
  • Our payouts are the quickest and we keep a track of when your payout is due - no beating around the bush, no delays and certainly no headaches for you.

When do I get paid?

Indian Affiliates

Payouts are done monthly. Payments can be made into your Paytm, UPI or your bank account. All payouts are subject to a minimum of Rs. 100/-

US Affiliates and other Affiliates outside India

All payouts are done when you have a minimum payout due of $25. We make payouts at the beginning of every month.

All payouts are made directly into your Paypal account. We recommend you open a Paypal account if you do not already have one. Joining Paypal is free and makes payouts to you convenient and instant. Moreover, our minimum payout levels are also much lower for Paypal accounts (because the administrative work in making out checks is much more)

Commission Structure

We offer encouraging product-specific referral fee for all our products. To see the commission structure, please sign up to create an Affiliate account It�s absolutely FREE!!


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