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Attractive Acupressure Slippers
    Attractive Acupressure Slippers   acupressure slippers   Foot Reflexology and Acupressure   modern lifestyles Slippers  
Attractive Acupressure Slippers
  • An economical alternative to needlessly expensive acupressure slippers
  • Extremely Comfortable pressure points that stimulate without poking
  • Lightweight with Attractive Color options & sizes
  • Plastic mould that make them washable & wearable almost anywhere including the beach
  • Feel stimulated with regular wearing – For women
  • Removes imbalances in energy flows & blood circulation
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Foot Reflexology and Acupressure are well known sciences that emphasize the importance of the foot sole for achieving harmony in the human system. The reason is that almost every part of the sole corresponds to distinct body organs and parts of the musculo-skeletal system. The stimulation of these points by way of gentle compression and relaxation does wonders in removing energy blockages and obstructed channels.

It is not surprising that people undergoing foot reflexology and acupressure of the feet points, experience tremendous relaxation of the muscles, especially in the back, neck & shoulders as well as a general reduction in stress levels.

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Our modern lifestyles do not allow for this natural stimulation of the feet. If at all, our ‘comfortable’ footwear that binds the feet, has resulted in the disuse of these ‘health’ points, giving birth to unnecessary health issues. This is further aggravated by our more sedentary lifestyles resulting in chronic problems like swelling of the feet, back aches, postural imbalances etc.

These Acupressure slippers are simply, yet thoughtfully designed by restoring this gentle stimulation through footwear. Unlike other ‘uncomfortable’ acupressure slippers which are too spiky or then irritatingly obtrusive, these have gentle lesions balanced uniformly across. Due to the natural air cushioning of these lesions, the pressure impact is softened.

Made of single plastic moulds, they are extremely lightweight and washable. This also makes them far more economical than other ‘fancy’ offerings.

They come in a range of colors. Sizes include Medium & Large.


These slippers come in 3 sizes – Small, Medium & Large.

  • Small Size - women’s size (US) of about 5-6
  • Medium Size - women’s size (US) of approx 7-8.5
  • Large Size - women’s size (US) of about 8.5-10
Simply lounge around in these slippers and feel the positive difference to your health!
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Attractive Acupressure Slippers Attractive Acupressure Slippers USD$ 12.95
Attractive Acupressure Slippers
Attractive Acupressure Slippers
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