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Baby Carrying Sling
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Womb-Like Baby Carrying Sling for Parents
  • Sling Material: Outer Blue layer: Polyester; Inner Layer: Cotton; Weight: 250 gms
  • Buckle on shoulder strap allows adjusting the sling to carry the baby with maximum comfort
  • Breathable inner layer holds the baby firmly with 3 stick-on straps keeping him 100% safe
  • Creates WOMB like warmth for the new born baby providing him snug feel & slumber
  • Shock absorbing;Maximum allowed weight:20 lbs/9-10 kg; Machine Washable;Easy to dry
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Newly borns are very gentle and need to be handled with extra care. Sometimes, we need to carry them with us while going outside or travelling. In such situations, it is really tedious to carry them all time. Also we can’t use our hands as they remain occupied in carrying babies.

This sling style baby carrier is a wonderful recourse for such situations. It enables working with both hands. It is easy on shoulders and very comfortable to carry babies for long hours. It is very comfortable for babies also. It keeps them calm and makes them sleep comfortably. Its snug-fit design creates the feel of mother’s womb which helps newly born babies keeping in same womb position. It is comforting to babies’ skins and puts them firmly gripped in the sling’s carrier.

This sling also absorbs shocks on bumpy roads or disturbances created in other situations. It can comfortably carry babies weighing 9-10 kgs or 20 lbs.

It is machine washable and easy to dry.

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Womb-Like Baby Carrying Sling for Parents Baby Carrying Sling for Parents USD$ 15.95
Baby Carrying Sling for Parents
Baby Carrying Sling
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