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    Herbomineral   Herbomineral   Herbomineral   Herbomineral  
Treat Skin Fungus & Skin Disorders
  • Apply as Paste or Bath Scrub
  • Contains Natural minerals & Clays
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Suitable for Skin Disorders
  • Softens skin – suitable Spa use
  • Safe for Infants
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How to treat scabies, eczema, heat rash and almost ANY skin infection with a 100% safe natural powder AND keep the skin exceedingly soft and healthy

Herbomineral is a POWERFUL combination of rare herbs and clays. It's formula is based on the treasure of information contained in ancient Ayurvedic texts dating back to thousands of years.

Its ingredients ensure that it is completely safe and it has even been used extensively for infant eczema and in scabies treatment for children.

How Herbomineral works?

HERBOMINERAL penetrates the skin pores and absorbs toxins in a completely natural way. This removes the breeding ground which is necessary for ANY bacterial activity.

How is it different from skin ointments or other "chemical based" treatments??

HERBOMINERAL acts on the breeding ground (the skin) rather than on the germs (which could be of countless strains). It does so by creating unfavorable conditions that inhibit germ multiplication.

HERBOMINERAL attacks the "cause" of the problem while the conventional treatments treat the "effect".

Because it uses such a simple principle, it has been HUGELY effective on different or unrelated skin disorders. It is highly effective on all skin allergies, heat rash and skin diseases of any origin.

So if you are the kind who is troubled - occasionally or regularly - with skin infections or skin disorders of any kind, you shouldn't be waiting much longer.

Herbomineral has proven to be extremely effective in cases of heat rash and prickly heat too. In fact, its healing and antiseptic properties are so thorough that it has been used in many versatile applications such as throat infections, eye infections and much more.

As a Skin Tonic

HERBOMINERAL is an excellent skin tonic for anyone over 4 years of age. The natural ingredients used in it, make the skin extremely supple and add to the longevity of a youthful skin. It is so safe that it can be used on children too.

In fact, Herbomineral is regularly used as a bath powder for adding to skin luster and softness.

It is completely safe because it has NO chemicals, only natural herbs and clays.

How to Use?

Herbomineral can be used specifically for skin disorders OR as a general bath powder instead of soap for a healthier, softer skin.

In case of infections: Add a few drops of water to the HERBOMINERAL powder (quantity as per area of application) and make it into a paste. Apply the paste on the affected area and allow to dry. Wash off after about 20 minutes or let it remain. Use as frequently as desired.

As a bath powder: Wet body or affected area. Sprinkle from the bottle directly on body. Rub with gentle scrubbing motions while having a bath. Then wash off.

" Herbomineral was advocated for 'Scabies' and 'Impetigo' on eight children patients and it was noticed that the patients got relief from itching, irritation and vesicle formation of the skin in five days. The product HERBOMINERAL was positive on all the eight cases "
Dr.M.Sridhar, BSMS Siddha Consultant, Madhagadipet
" I have received and been using Herbomineral for some time now, it is amazing how it works. I've been plagued by a terrible heat rash and nothing would heal it up. Once I began my treatment with Herbomineral the pus in the blemished began to dry up withing days and the redness doesn't stay for very long either. I just wish that I could have found out and got Herbomineral sooner, to prevent all the suffering of the heat rash when it first broke out. Thank you for this great product "
Anna Naumenko, Brooklyn,NY
" Herbomineral did a good job. My skin cleared up in 4 days of using it.The source of my problem must betaken care of for a cure but I enjoyed being symptom free for a week after the treatment. Thank you. Packageing and shipping time were good too. "
D.D.C, Park Ridge,IL
" The Herbomineral does in fact work and works well! I have been using it once a day for the past week and have notice the rashes going away. "
Michael Lipayon, Delano,CA
" I have severe eczema on my hands, and the herbomineral had done wonders for it. Much less itching, and the cracks in my skin heal much faster. Thanks for a great natural product. "
Lisa Bagley, Fairfax, VA
" I have been struggling with reoccuring skin cancer in vaginal area for the past couple of years and I have of alot of itching of the skin. My back is the worst place and I used the paste on it and it really helped. If you have anything else that might be helpful I would appreciate you letting me know about it. Thank you. "
Diane, Salley, SC
" HERBOMINERAL is effective on Psoriasis, fungal infections and all sorts of allergies in general and even allergies caused by the use of chemicals. "
Vaidya Mrs.Lata Devi Bhatt, Pondicherry.
" Notably it has been seen that with HERBOMINERAL treatment skin ailments like Rare Mycosis associated with AIDS are showing improvement. "
Dr.V. Srinivasan, M.B.B.S.M.D Govt.General Hospital,Pondicherry
" I received the product quickly and in perfect shape. I love to add the Herbomineral powder to a bath, it helps control my "heat rashes" during pregnancy. Thank You. "
Lisa Oliver, Carlsbad,Ca
" I've tried Herbomineral on my face a few times and it seems like my skin is already looking clearer. "
Michelle Behrman, Santa Clara,CA
" My skin does feel softer already."
Mr.P.H.Chan, Liverpool, United Kingdom
" Received the Herbomineral. Worked great on my daughter's athlete/sports related heat rash."
Lisa Moraes, Sherman Oaks,CA
" You have a wonderful product in Herbomineral. It's too bad the general public doesn't catch on to all these natural remedies instead of bombarding their bodies with all those chemicals."
Jacqueline L, McKee, Ashtabula,Ohio
" The Herbomineral has worked great for my skin Infection. I have been using it for the past two weeks. It did make it somewhat dry, but I have ordered the Neem Cream to balance the effect. Thank you Health and Yoga. I will shop again."
R.M, Clifton , NJ
" I had developed a fairly bad case of dry skin from sleeping indoors with the heat turned up too high. Anytime I got in the sun or got emotionally excited, my skin would prickle uncomfortably. I tried a number of things but the only thing which gave me relief was Herbomineral and for this I am grateful. "
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Terrence Brannon, Westlake Village, CA
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"Very satisfied. Product excellent and arrived in perfetc time. Thank you. "

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Product shipping could have been better as i didn`t get any shipping details/confirmation, had to contact cc to get shipping details.
Overall very good experience.
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