Jaggery (Panela)
Jaggery (Panela)
  • Natural sweetener from concentrated sugarcane juice
  • High protein, iron, vitamin and mineral content
  • Great Nutritive & medicinal value
  • No genetically modified crop material used.
  • Pure, Hygienic and untouched by hands
  • Free from any Chemicals or Additives
  • Packing: 8.8 Oz. (250g)
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The manufacture of sugar from sugarcane juice is a process that involves a Cocktail of Chemicals. Sulphur dioxide, lime, phosphoric acid, formic acid, bleaching agents and viscosity reducers are just some of these. Moreover, the processing of sugar is carried on in mild steel equipment, which leads to a high dosage of Nickel in the mother liquor.

Why Jaggery (Panela)??

Jaggery (Panela) is a "natural" sweetener made by the concentration of sugarcane juice WITHOUT the use of any chemicals / synthetic additives or preservatives. It contains an enormous wealth of minerals / protein / vitamins.

More importantly, Jaggery (Panela) has great Nutritive and Medicinal Value. It has the reputation of being a medicinal sugar and is prescribed for use in the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

In an experiment, Jaggery (Panela)-treated rats showed enhanced translocation of coal particles from lungs to tracheobronchial lymph nodes. (..Details)

It is no wonder that Jaggery (Panela) is regularly consumed by thousands of industrial workers / traffic policemen who are exposed to higher levels of pollution. It helps them breathe easier and counter pollution naturally.

We, therefore, recommend the replacement (at least partially if not completely) of sugar in your diet with Jaggery (Panela).

Health Facts:

Jaggery (Panela) contains Proteins, Minerals and Vitamins, which are essential constituents for the body. It is also a potent source of Iron and has a higher Iron and Copper contents than white sugar.

It is also a superior product among natural sweeteners with regards to the Vitamin contents. It is an energy food that is said to "purify" blood, regulate the liver function and keep the body healthy.

Features of "Gold N Brown"™ Jaggery (Panela):
  • Made by concentrating rich, tropical sugarcane that has been fully matured.
  • No genetically modified crop material used.
  • Pure, Hygienic and untouched by hands
  • Packed in two solid discs of 8.5 cms diameter
  • Free from any Chemicals or Additives
Directions of use:

Can be either grated or cut in small pieces. Add according to flavor and sweetness requirement.

Nutrition Facts :

Calories   19 Cal/tbsp

Vitamin B Complex   1g/kg

Folic acid   1mg/kg

Iron   1mg/g

Calcium   5mg/100g

Importance of Folic acid:

Folic acid is active in the most basic life process that we know, the synthesis of the building blocks of life, DNA. People found to have various types of precancerous cells have also been found folic acid deficient. Other symptoms of too little folic acid are slowed metabolism, constipation, and tiredness at inappropriate times of the day.
" Ancient Medical scriptures dating back to 2500 years state how Jaggery (Panela) " Purifies the blood, prevents rheumatic afflictions and disorders of bile and possesses nutritive properties of high order. "
(Sushruta Sanhita, Chapter 45, Sloka 146),
" The " Preventive action of Jaggery (Panela) on smoke-induced lung lesions suggest the potential of Jaggery (Panela) as protective agent for workers in dusty and smoky environments. " - paper presented by scientists of Industrial Toxicology Research Centre at a Workshop held in Lyon, France. "
Environ Health Perspect, 102(Suppl 6): 211-214 (1994) { Details..)
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Replace your daily sugar intake with this "Healthier" alternative
Jaggery (Panela)
Jaggery (Panela)
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