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Massager Wooden Rollers
    Roller Massager   Full Back and Shoulder Massager   Effective Muscle Relaxant and Massager   Massager Wooden Rollers  
Effective Muscle Relaxant and Massager
  • An innovative and extremely effective tool to stimulate and relax back & shoulder muscles
  • Series of 9 wooden rollers guided by strong cotton rope – length 2 ft.
  • Great Relief in case of stiff backs / shoulders and also after a workout.
  • Improves blood circulation & releases energy blocks
  • Self Push-pull ensures that intensity & vigor can be regulated for optimal relief.
  • Recommended for back & shoulder stimulation
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Due to our lifestyles which are largely sedentary and stressful, the brunt of such stress is borne by the back, neck and shoulders.

Stiffness of the back, neck and around the shoulder blades is a common malaise which leads to further discomfort in forms of headaches, back aches and reduced mobility.

The answer lies in light but regular massage and stimulation of muscles that are otherwise unworked due to our sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately the back is a region that would generally require to be attended by another for massage and relief.
The full length wooden roller back massager is an innovative solution that allows you to self maasage your back in a most effective manner – even better than having another to do it for you.

Simply grip the ends of the massager and allow the rollers to rub your entire back and shoulders by using intuitively.

Give your back the relief it deserves!
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Massager – Wooden Rollers Massager – Wooden Rollers USD$ 15.38
Massager – Wooden Rollers
Massager – Wooden Rollers
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"Arrived very quickly my wife loves it "

25 Jan,2019

from peace river regional district , Canada



15 Jun,2017

from Thane , India


"Was also interested in Scalp massager which was not in stock at the time of last order
Let me know if it is available now "

24 Dec,2016

Sai Elder
from Vadodara , India
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