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Silicon Metatarsal
    Silicon Metatarsal  
Metatarsal Silicone Pads - 1 Pair Hypoallergenic
  • One pair set (both, right and left foot) with universal sizing.
  • Reduce ball-of-foot pain and prevents forefoot disorders; calluses, neuromas and metatarsalgia, etc.
  • Silicone construction; latex free, high cushioning efficiency and long functional life.
  • Anatomical design; has reinforced toe loop for proper fit.
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The soft silicone metatarsal pads are designed to provide extra cushioning under the ball of the foot. These pads protect the ball of your foot and absorb the daily stress due to walking or standing. It reduces ball-of-foot pain caused due to various reasons like metatarsalgia, calluses and rheumatism, etc.

Being silicone based, it has high cushioning efficiency and durability. It is latex free, hypoallergenic and lightweight. It uniformly distributes your body weight over the foot surface and improves the natural footpad, hence reduces the chances of calluses, forefoot soreness, neuromas and other forefoot disorders. These pads also protect you from slipping forward while walking or standing.

These are reusable and odorless, also do not absorb any other odor. They don’t lose their cushioning like other foam pads available in the market. Also, silicon pads can be easily washed with mild liquid or soaps.

The anatomical shape with reinforced toe loop ensures proper fit, easy to wear in a shoe. The pads are self adhesive in nature; no tape or any other adhesive needed to keep them intact. It comes in a pair; one for each feet and has universal sizing, one size fits all.

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Metatarsal Silicone Pads - 1 Pair - Hypoallergenic Mallet Finger USD$ 9.25
Metatarsal Silicone Pads – 1 Pair - Hypoallergenic
Metatarsal Silicone Pads
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