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Mushroom Stone Massager
    Mushroom Stone Massager   Mushroom Stone   Mushroom Stone Massager   Mushroom Stone Trigger Point Massage  
Mushroom Stone Massager
  • Made of special massage stone – provides that connected feeling to mother Earth
  • Heavier pressure alternative to the wooden knobble
  • Bulbous and exceedingly smooth – will provide deep pressure at a point without hurting
  • Effective for deep tissue massage and relief from Muscle knots or trigger points
  • Recommended for shoulder and neck muscle stiffness and pain, headache relief and hand reflexology
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The mushroom stone is a heavier and often a more effective alternative to the very popular wooden knobble massager. It is most effective for deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy where specific muscle knots need to be relieved. Provides a deeper pressure with a soft, smooth grip. Base of skull pressure with this tool provided effective relief from headaches and the stresses of a desk job. Also very effective in relaxing shoulder blades, lateral shoulder muscles and neck pain relief. Use on hand, between the metacarpals on the palm side for enhanced relaxation and pain relief.

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Mushroom Stone Massager Mushroom Stone Massager USD$ 12.25
Mushroom Stone Massager
Mushroom Stone Massager
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"Great seller, answered questions quickly and was thorough in investigating a detail about a product and following up. Sent item lightning-fast and it was better than hoped for… "

23 Jul,2014

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