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Oral Hygiene Care Combo
    Oral Hygiene Care Combo   Copper Tongue Cleaner   Tooth Stain Remover  
Oral Hygiene Care Combo
  • Complete and total oral hygiene care, includes a tongue cleaner and stain remover
  • Copper tongue cleaner scrapes & removes every inch of gunk responsible for bad breath
  • Flexible plastic tooth stain remover whitens yellow & pale teeth to give a bright smile
  • The two combined ensure complete protection against plaque and germs
  • Must have for a healthy smile and fresh breath
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The oral hygiene care combo is a great combo that keeps your mouth healthy and the dentist away. The combo includes a strong copper tongue cleaner that is used to scrape the dirty surface of the tongue and a stain remover that whitens the teeth.

The tongue cleaner’s scraping results in getting rid off of the gunk, plaque and bacteria from the tongue, for a fresh and a healthy mouth. While the plastic stain remover is designed to be flexible and reach the most un-reachable parts of your denture to whiten and brighten it up. Adapt this practice of oral hygiene and say good bye to pale-yellow teeth and bad breath for life.

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Oral Hygiene Care Combo Oral Hygiene Care Combo USD$ 8.95
Oral Hygiene Care Combo
Oral Hygiene Care Combo
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