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Sticky Yoga Mat
  • Suitable for Ashtanga or power yoga
  • Provides adequate cushioning for joints safety
  • Durable and longer lasting
  • Size: 173cms x 67cms (68” x 26”); thickness 4mm
  • Hand washable
  • Choice of Colors
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If you are into very dynamic yoga exercises such as Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga or Power Yoga, we recommend the range of sticky mats with sufficient cushioning. While there are several sticky mats available, a suitable one for you should be
  • Durable, sufficiently long lasting.
  • Sufficient but NOT Extra cushioning that is less strenuous on the joints
  • Sufficient 'Stickiness'
We would recommend these sticky mats as great starter mats for Ashtanga Practice.

While normally one would think that a thicker mat is better than a thinner mat, in actuality it is not so! A thicker mat not only experiences uneven stretch (something that is irritating to the pose stability), but it is also easily torn apart OR causes unnatural surface depressions over time of a rigorous ashtanga practice.

You should have a mat which is minimally thick to provide just the right level of cushioning for your joints without affecting your practice flow! Some of its features include:
  • Cushioning: 4mm - Just enough to reduce impact on your joints while maintaining stability of practice.
  • Durability: This mat has a textured traction surface on both sides of the mat, thus lasting you twice as long by using both sides of the mat.
  • Size: A tad wider 26” instead of the usual 24”. Size 68"x26”.
  • Right stickiness with textured surface.
  • Hand Washable.
These sticky mats come at an extremely affordable price and in a selection of Colors

Go ahead and take out the extra bit from your yoga practice with these sticky mats.


Safari Green


Light Green

Sky Blue


Royal Blue


" I received the monster yoga mat and so far it has been great. I have been looking for a mat that has sufficient "stickyness" and this one is it. Thank You. "
E.Buenger, Milwaukee, WI
" Good delivery. Fantastic mat. The Monster mat is much better than the other sticky mats I've tried. "
Doria, Montreal, QC
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Sticky Yoga Mat USD$ 9.95
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Super Yoga Mats
Super Yoga Mats
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