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Thumb Spica Splint
    Thumb Spica Splint   Thumb Spica Splint   Thumb Spica Splint   Thumb Spica Splint  
Thumb Spica Splint
  • Unique brace-immobilizes thumb,supports wrist and injured thumb.
  • Made from durable,light weight and comfortable material.
  • Breathable neoprene fabric-keeps hand dry for extended wear;covered with cotton fabric.
  • Free movement of the other digits-no hindrance in performing the daily activities.
  • Available color-attractive black;sizes available
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This unique thumb brace is made from high quality neoprene fabric that has been covered with stretchable nylon and cotton fabric. It has also been provided with an ergonomically designed metal support bar made from aluminum alloy that gives proper support to the injured thumb and can be removed or replaced depending upon your convenience.

This orthopedic splint is best for different thumb joints or ligament conditions like injury, repetitive stress, carpal tunnel, fractures, soft tissue injuries, arthritis pain, sprains and even post-surgery. It provides compression and retains therapeutic heat, improving the blood circulation in the affected area to promote healing.The strategic designed straps with self stick Velcro make it easy for you to put on and off the splint without any discomfort. There are two fully adjustable straps one on the top of the thumb support and the other on the wrist. It immobilizes the thumb and allows free movement of the other digits, without any hindrance to your daily activities.

Reversible design can fit both right and left hands. This thumb splint is comfortable, skin friendly and light in weight. Being made from breathable material your hand remains dry throughout the day or even through extended wear. Available in an attractive black color, sizes vary. The current size available is medium.

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Thumb Spica Splint
Thumb Spica Splint
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