Trataka Stand
    Trataka_Stand   Trataka stand is a unique candle   your candle flame   designed to make your practice  
Trataka Stand
  • Made of 100% Stainless Steel adjustable shaft.
  • Easy push-pull adjustment mechanism
  • Height range - 35 cms. (or 13.5") to 85 cms.( or 33.5")
  • Candle thickness of upto 1" may be used
  • Very convenient for traveling - Easy knock-down assembly
  • Decorative - pleasing design and material
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The Trataka stand is a unique candle holder recommended for the convenient practice of trataka. The easy adjusting mechanism ensures that you can maintain the height of the candle flame at the horizontal eye level in every session quite easily.

Requirements of a Trataka Stand
  • It should be easily adjustable to always set your candle flame at horizontal eye level before every session
  • It should be safe - well balanced, without sharp edges and of non-inflammable material
  • It should be convenient for traveling - this is something you would definitely like to carry with you.
The Health&Yoga Trataka Stand

Elegantly crafted out of Stainless Steel, it is designed to make your practice extremely convenient and enjoyable. While the minimalistic contours make the stainless steel design very appealing, the rounded edges make the tool safe to use and store. its own beauty to this wonderful tool for practicing concentration.

The stand is designed so that it can be easily adjusted to the desired self-retaining height, merely by pulling or pushing the shaft - there is no need to loosen any screws. The height itself is adjustable over a wide range - from 35 cms. when fully compressed to over 85 cms. when fully stretched out, making trataka possible in any seating position.

The easy adjusting shaft ensures that you don't need to raise the flame level through other support systems like books, which are not only inconvenient and dangerous but also appear to clutter the gaze.

The stand can easily be knocked down into 3 parts - the base, the adjustable shaft and the candle holder - making it easy to carry with you while traveling. While assembling the 3 parts just have to be hand-screwed back on together.

To help promote this wonderful practice, we have priced the Stainless Steel trataka stand very attractively. At USD$ 39.95, it can't be beat for the convenience and attractiveness that it carries.

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Trataka Stand Health&Yoga Trataka Stand USD$ 39.95
Health&Yoga Trataka Stand
Trataka Stand
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"Review not Provided. "

06 Aug,2013

from Toronto , Canada


"The candle holder (topmost of telescopic unit was slightly bent but otherwise very much useful.
kind Regards. "

04 Oct,2012

from Hyderabad , India

  Tratak Stand

"A reasonable product but well over priced for what it is and coming from India. "

24 May,2012

from Adelaide , Australia
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