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Cancers, Immune Disorders, inexplicable health conditions; you name it and there are several health disorders that conventional medicine has been able to treat at best but not provide any sustainable cure. We find around us several anecdotal evidences of certain therapists saving people of such incurable disorders. These mostly related to non-conventional therapies and are mostly dismissed as ‘quackery’. But are all such successes a hoax? Or are all such therapists, quacks?

In the absence of such authoritative answers, we at HealthAndYoga are on a mission to search and find such healing therapists who have helped out people from such suffering and even reversed life threatening disorders. Our aim is to connect complementary and integrative healing therapists with people suffering from ailments which conventional medicine has not been able to provide solutions to. If you feel you are in need of help to locate such a therapist, feel free to share your health issue in as much detail as you feel comfortable. We will help find matching therapists who have voluntary registered on our database and if any suggestions are found, we will share these with you whom you are free to contact on your own.

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