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Retreat Place Home > Is a Yoga Retreat for Everyone?
Is a Yoga Retreat for Everyone?
It isn't wise to blindly go into a Yoga retreat without preparing yourself for the possible pitfalls. You wouldn't want to put your time and resources into something that you would regret later on.

By examining the following conditions about yourself, you can determine whether a yoga retreat is really suitable for you or is it something that you should stay away from.

This list includes some of the possible 'dangers' or pitfalls that can be a part of your experience.

# 1 - Poor physical condition

This one is fairly obvious. While there are many yoga retreats that do not have a high demand of physical fitness, nevertheless, basic fitness levels are always a must. Do not go for a yoga retreat if you are suffering from physical weakness or illness.

# 2 - Tendency to be competitive or testing your limit

A strict no no. If you have this tendency, it may be better to avoid a yoga retreat altogether. It is not uncommon for people with such attitudes to experience injury. A group setting has the danger of making you uncontrollably comparative, in comparing postures efficiency and capability. Yoga is NOT a competitive sport. In fact, the best benefits of Yoga can be had by understanding "your" body and not torturing it.

While this is fairly well known, it is difficult to not fall into the trap of comparison given our societal upbringings.

# 3 - A Non-adjusting temperament

A Yoga retreat will test you in many ways. Whether it is in matters of gelling with the lead teacher or the group, or then aspects of fooding or accommodation standards, you may have pre-set notions that you should be willing to overcome. Indeed, the best you can get out of a yoga retreat is to learn how to adjust in any kind of environment. Many people go into a retreat with an overtly 'romantic' expectation regarding the setting etc. Remember, the lesser the expectation, the more you are likely to get out of the retreat.

# 4 - Boredom Pangs

If you are highly extroverted in nature, you may experience boredom at times. A Yoga retreat is about going within - a kind of meditation - at knowing yourself better and how your mind works in different situations. There may be times when you will be just alone with nothing to do around - nothing to fill your time. If you treat such periods as a waste of time, you may like to re-consider your plans of going for a yoga holiday.

# 5 - Religious 'Baggage'

There have been controversies raised of yoga being a practice that is predominantly Hindu and deviates from the path of other religions. If you suffer from such doubts, a yoga holiday is definitely not for you. The last thing you want is to be mentally disturbed if you share such beliefs.

These are some of the points that you should truly evaluate about yourself before making the decision of taking off to that 'exotic' yoga retreat in India or then, by the Mediterranean.


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