Kunkumadi Oil
    Kunkumadi Oil   Precious extract for Improving Skin texture & luster   Best suited to dry skin   Made of ancient Ayurvedic  
Kunkumadi Oil
  • Precious extract for Improving Skin texture & luster
  • Anti ageing, anti wrinkle & also helps remove blemishes including acne scars
  • Made of ancient Ayurvedic Recipe – rare herbs & oils
  • 100% natural; hypoallergenic; vial contains 10 ml of extract
  • Cruelty free; no animal testing
  • Best suited to dry skin
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The simple & modest packing of Kunkumadi Oil (Tailam) hides the tremendous effect that its power packed ingredients have upon the skin.

With a recipe prescribed in the ancient Ayurvedic text – the Ashtangahridayam, this precious oil comprises 16 ayurvedic ingredients prepared in a special manner.

Extracts of saffron, Sandal, Turmeric, Vetiver, sacred fig, Indian madder, black cherry, blue lotus, liquorice, banyan among others are combined to provide a potent oil that is sometimes called an ‘elixir’ for skin health.

All the herbs and oils are well documented for their effects upon the skin.

Saffron, perhaps the most expensive plant, illuminates the skin color, Indian madder extracts help smooth fine lines, vetiver cools the skin while lotus clears blemishes. Liqorice & turmeric are antiseptic agents that guard against bacterial & fungal infections.

  • Reduces Dark circles & Fine lines
  • Anti ageing
  • Heals acne and removes acne scars / blemishes
  • Brightens and adds luster to skin
  • Helps remove tan; treats patchy skin
  • Long shelf life of 3 years

Directions for Use:

Being an oily emulsion, Kumkumadi is best suited for dry skins.

For treatment (such as removing blemishes, patches or acne scars) over the entire face, first cleanse the face and keep moist. Apply 4-5 drops directly to the skin and gently massage by spreading all over evenly. For best results, leave overnight.

For improving skin health or for localized application & maintenance, apply 1-2 drops either directly or to your regular moisturizer or face pack. Spread evenly.

For best results, leave overnight.

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Kunkumadi Oil Kunkumadi Oil USD$ 12.95
Kunkumadi Oil
Kunkumadi Oil
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"Received and pleased as always! Thank you! "

27 Nov,2016

from Stavanger , Norway


"Great service and reasonably-priced international shipping. Only issue is one of the oils leaked a bit. "

25 Nov,2015

from El Paso , United States


"Namaste to everyone at Health and Yoga,
I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I have just started using the Kunkumadi Oil so too early too comment on but looking forward to excellent results. Thank you for your prompt delivery.
Patricia "

03 Jun,2014

from Mildura , Australia
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