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Curing Severe sinus Infection Symptoms- Irrigation

Help yourself kick off Sinus Infection Symptoms and Allergies... with a proven natural system... AND an 84% success rate

Ok if someone showed you a way to thwart your sinus infection FOREVER without even visiting the doc and without side effects, what would you do??

I don't know about you but one guy just devoted a good part of his life to help relieve the sinus infections of millions using the same very method.

The Method:

That is exactly how POWERFUL the natural practice of Neti (sinus irrigation or saline nasal irrigation) is!!

And before you think its just one of those new fads, let me tell you that it's existed for centuries. And�..

..�Its completely Natural, Dirt Cheap, embarrassingly EASY and Proven with every single use!

Don't trust me?? Well, then trust the figures -

DisorderImprovement after Sinus Irrigation (Neti) %



Nasal Blockages86




General Breathing Difficulties99

Source: Article Published in Australasian Well Being Magazine

Other Treatments:

But there are So many other treatments�

Really?? Please tell me what works. I have a hunch that if any of those worked for chronic sinusitis, you wouldn't be here.

If you're thinking nasal sprays for your sinus infection symptoms, Banish the Thought!! Most of these contain a cent worth of material and are ineffective to say the least. Read this Research Article by leading medical experts to put the theory of nasal sprays in proper perspective. Click here

Scary� isn't it??
Regarding surgery� never recommended for sinus infections unless absolutely necessary, it can lead to a host of complications!!

The bottomline� WAKE UP � go natural with neti!!

Why is Neti (JalaNeti or sinus irrigation) so effective??

The amazing thing about Neti is the wonderful way in which the water moves through the nasal passages, "apparently" defying the laws of physics and then draining out automatically taking out all the mucous, dirt and infections with it.

Let's see how it's done. Click here
User Review
In fact, because of its simplicity yet remarkable effectiveness, you'll master it soon enough to WANT to know the Next Stage of Neti. After all, it is the stage 2 that provides a thorough and hugely beneficial Flushing of the ENTIRE Sinus Passage.

You can learn both these stages and much more from the expert of 20 years through the Jala Neti Video DVD. Click here for details.

While it is not still clear how exactly saline water acts on sinus infections, it is worth reading These Findings of a medical study. Click here

And if "studies" don't sound convincing, read a sample of Unsolicited comments on the sinus irrigation experience that we receive every single day�

Ok, if it's so effective, why has it been so ignored?

For one, the drug lobbies certainly aren't obliging...

" My sinuses have never been been better, and with no drugs. I appreciate this because I am particularly sensitive to the side effects of medicinal decongestants. If Neti becomes more popular, pharmaceutical companies will suffer great losses. "

Another -perhaps the BIGGEST barrier - is the fear of the seemingly "yuk" experience!! For some strange reason, people can't come to terms with pouring water through their nostrils. Fair enough� but once you consider the following Actual figures, you'll want to plunge in rightaway!!

In every class lecture given to interested people, about 50% are positive towards it (sinus nasal irrigation) on first hearing, 25% against and 25% neutral. However after the very first trial about 90% of users are pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the outcome.

Almost Invariably, opinions change from ....... "YUK. No way am I ever going to try that" ...... to ...... "WOW. That's fantastic. I'm hooked for life" ..... after just one trial.

Like other methods, are there any side effects??

Nice question. To coin a new terminology, the only effects are the "Up-side" effects!! That in fact is the real benefit of this wonderfully natural practice on ALL sinus infection symptoms.

The head becomes lighter, thinking clearer. Sinus irrigation (Neti) has in fact been recommended in yoga as a regular cleansing technique for complete physical & mental health.

Don't Believe me? Read this....

So how do I do it??

A big hurdle was the absence of the real tool for sinus nasal irrigation� the classical Neti Pot with a conical spout.

There were simply no "true" Neti pots available. Several Substitutes are available but the disadvantages far outnumber the benefits.

As you can see, the BEST option is the Stainless Steel Neti Pot but its "expensive".

This is where the man I talked about in the beginning comes in� Now thanks to his kindness, we can provide the steel Neti pots at a price even less than the ceramic ones. Sinus irrigation has become exceedingly EASY and CHEAP!!

Once we started supplying these pots, we always knew that results would show, but�

...what we achieved was unimaginable!!

The Best Instructions to make Neti easy

We are dedicated to promoting Neti. We provide a Detailed 29-page Instruction Booklet that literally guides you through the process�Read Testimonials

The bottomline.......

If you're suffering from sinus infections, nasal allergies, hay fever, colds or respiratory problems��You're Suffering Needlessly!!

Read more on the Features of the Steel Neti Pot

PS: As naturopaths, we are committed to promoting natural health. If even at this incredibly low price, you don't feel convinced� relax. Because if the practise doesn't help you, we will WANT to REFUND your charge. Our pleasure lies in satisfied users only !! We'll gladly take all the risk. Just inform us and get your full money back!

PPS: Don't wait for your sinus infection symptoms to turn into full blown severe chronic sinusitis. Try the completely safe, natural practise of Neti without losing time.

Two New FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Jala Neti

In order to help answer the many questions which may be on your mind regarding Jala Neti, H&Y is privileged to bring you the most comprehensive FAQ documents that you could ever find on the subject.

Based on the hundreds of queries we have received, as well as drawing on our experience of the many years we have been teaching Jala Neti and selling neti pots all over the world, these pages will answer any question you might have, before or after you buy a neti pot.

There are 2 FAQs -

1 - "For Those Considering Learning the Practice and Buying a Neti Pot".
This is to answer all those doubts and worries you may have about the technique prior to purchasing a Neti Pot. Click here for instant access.

2 - "For Those Currently Learning/Using the Practice".
This is a FREE customer support and troubleshooting document for those already in possession of a H&Y stainless steel neti pot. With over 200+ questions answered, based on real experiences, it aims to answer any question that you may have. You are provided automatic download access to this with your purchase.

To purchase a Neti Pot, Click here

Bring the stainless steel Neti pot into your life now and change your life.. FOREVER!

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