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Hundreds of testimonials from our esteemed patrons and our loyal customers over the years, give us confidence and gratification about serving people.
We humbly try, to bring to you health-related products for easier and better quality living. Regular usage of these products, keeps you healthy an...
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Jala Neti Salt 100 Packe...

99.9% Pure Salt for Jala Neti.
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USD$ 12.95

Jala Neti Salt 150 Packe...

99.9% Pure Salt for Jala Neti.
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USD$ 17.95

Stainless Steel Tongue C...

Economy Pack of Pure Stainless steel more

USD$ 8.75

Baby Tongue Cleaner

Innovatively designed, small sized more

USD$ 9.95

Home Dental Hygiene Kit

Our mouth is full of bacteria. These more

USD$ 11.95

Superior Quality Copper ...

Tongue cleaning is an ancient practice more

USD$ 7.25

Combo of 2 Surgical Stee...

This set of 2 tongue cleaners is made more

USD$ 13.95

Travel Neti Pot Nasal Wa...

Yoga as a system for natural healing more

USD$ 7.95

Lollipop Baby Tongue Cle...

Completely safe and cute way to manage more

USD$ 6.3

Leak Proof Ceramic Neti ...

If you are suffering from sinus, more

USD$ 13.95

Tongue Cleaner

A tongue cleaner removes more mucous, more

USD$ 4.95

Stainless Steel Tongue C...

The tongue cleaner is made of superior more

USD$ 7.95

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