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Yoga Mats, Bags and more

Make your Asana practice comfortable and powerful

Where and when you do your yoga practice makes a big difference in the results of your yoga practice. Being able to do yoga in the morning surrounded by fresh air may not be an option for everyone. But you can definitely choose the right material and accessories for your yoga. H&Y has wonderful range of yoga mats made of natural fibers like Cotton Yoga Mat, Canvas Yoga Mat, and Straw Yoga Mat. Yoga session on these mats can make you feel closer to nature and increase the sense of inner peace. Trendy and 'easy to haul' Cotton Yoga Mat Bags are must-have for all your outdoor yoga sessions. They have side pockets to keep knick-knacks and an extra inner key pocket for safekeeping.Made from the finest cotton, they come in 2 classic styles –Drawstring Tote Style and Zippered Duffel Style.

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