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Skin Cleansing

Why go natural for skin disorders, skin disease and skin infections?

If you've ever suffered from the irritating itch of a skin disorder, take heart´┐Ż you're not alone.

Every year millions of people suffer from some kind of skin disorder, skin disease or plain skin infections.

What is worrying, however, is that most of them make matters worse by taking strong medicines and steroid-based ointments which act as SUPRESSANTS. Even though the effect is almost immediate, at best they give temporary relief.

More importantly, they can trigger even more severe and seemingly unrelated disorders. These may be in the form of :
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Skin Eruptions
Modern medicine has NOT been able to explain these "side effects"!!

Why skin disorders / skin diseases happen ??

The Yoga perspective:
It is important to understand and eliminate the cause of skin diseases. Poor diet, poor stimulation of the circulatory and excretory systems and subsequent build up of toxins are the root cause of skin eruptions. According to Yoga, the practice of Asanas, Breathing techniques as well as Internal Cleansing (Body Detoxification) techniques will serve to address skin issues. In other words, Yoga shows how to take charge of your own health issues (skin disorders included) without the need for any EXTERNAL aid. Please see the relevant sections on this website for incorporating these Yoga practices in your life.

The Ayurveda Perspective :
According to Ayurveda, the branch of medicine, which dates back to 1000 B.C, excess sugar in the body is a major cause of skin disorders. The skin cells so affected by the excess sugar, provide an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria, which multiply rapidly using these skin cells.

Ayurveda has documented the "miraculous" properties of medicinal herbs and clays that counteract the excess sugar in the body. They combine with the skin cells to inhibit multiplication of the virus. The absence of a breeding ground results in the elimination of the virus.

As you can see, traditional medicine works on attacking the cause; Modern medicine works by attacking the effect.

So is there anything at all for skin disorders?
Nature has provided a wealth of herbs medicinal in nature that can correct almost ANY kind of skin disorders or disease of the skin. Even for keeping the skin toned, soaps or packs made of these medicinal herbs have an invigorating and soothing effect.

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