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Concept of Swara Yoga

Dhanraj S., Nagarathna R. and Nagendra H R.

Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana
 (Deemed University recognized by Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD),
Division of Yoga and Life Sciences
Bangalore, India


Abstract: Swara yoga is an ancient Hindu science and art that has fully analyzed the working of the life- principle, prana, and the functioning of life within this body. It deals with various channels through which the prana flows and vibrates in the subtle body animating the physical body, Swara yoga also prescribes means to regulate the flow of prana to ensure good health and longevity. This science or yoga of Swara is very subtle and all comprehensive than the science of Pranayama, which when compared to the former, is but a bare outline of Swara yoga. In Swara yoga, we find various effective mans to check disease and death. Swara yoga is the ancient science of pranik body rhythms, which explains how the movement of prana can be controlled by manipulation of breath. Recently modern science has taken great interest in electromagnetic fields and the behavior of bio energy which is the inherent energy principle of the body.


Summary & Conclusion: No Science that explains life in the Universe is as parsimonious, grand and complete as the Science of breath. If is said in the Yoga text the breath (prana) is the inseparable power (Shakti) of the universal life force, the supreme of all created things, and the life principle of the universe. Prana is the substratum in which all causes and effects are held like beads on a thread. Prana is the universal forces that breaths forth or exhales the universe, and that will in the end, inhale the universe back into itself. Prana is brought into existence and kept in activity by the center of consciousness.
Prana is the life principle, the dynamic or working force in human beings and in all life forms. It is the power, which is the support of the body and all its moving life forces. The Nadis, the subtle energy path of the pranik body, are channels for Prana. The body is the support of the nadis. When prana is in motion and flows through the nadis. When Prana is in motion it flows through the nadis, consciousness arises.

Greater consciousness, light, wisdom and truth, which are all pervading but latent, are awakened by regulating the motion of the pranik vehicles.

The Science of breath or Swara Yoga has its foundation in the desire to control and understand Prana, The Science of breath is of the highest importance to any student of Yoga , and is the most useful , comprehensive and interesting branch of Yoga . The wise should study the regulation of Prana if they desire to suspend the activities of the mind or concentrate their will upon the achievement of the Yoga. Control of the breath leads to health, an increase in strength and energy, good complexion, increased vitality, the growth of knowledge and extension of the life span.

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Summary & Conclusion

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