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Concept of Vastu According to Texts of Yoga and Spiritual Lore

Sudhansu M, Nagarathana R, Nagendra H R.
Swami Vivekananda yoga research foundation of vivekananda yoga mahavidyapeetham (VYOMA)
Bangalore, India.

Abstract :Vastu, the word denotes anything existing, such as house, shelter, building etc. shastra in Sanskrit is an ancient art and science containing certain principles and practices.

The report commences with and insight into the traditional understanding of Vastu with its majestic and yet unrecognized history. The concept of Vastu Purusa and Vastu chakram has been also looked into. A sincere effort has been made to unravel the deep knowledge lying behind the understanding of energy field.

The essence of Vastu i.e. Vastu vidya has been looked into with details for a clear picture as far as this ancient science is concerned. The report also discusses the intricate findings as far as Graha Vastu is concerned. The report ends with an attempt to understand the great science of Vastu form yogic point of view, thus the report is a humble effort to get a bird's eye view of vast subject.


Summary & Conclusion : In the present world the modern science and technology although have provided men with all types of comforts, there are more complex and difficult problems with each type of development. One of such areas is of Architecture. Solution however is present in the ancient Vedic science of architecture which is known as vastu Shastra. It not only integrates the science of Ayurveda and Jyotisha but also takes into consideration the influence between human beings and the astrological influences. It is a pure science in its basic structure.

It takes into consideration every aspect of making buildings i.e. from the color of the soil to the type of building material. With its wholesome approach it is in a position to address the varied complexities of modern architecture. With the renewed interest in all the ancient sciences Vastu is finally being looked upon by modern sciences for better and safer constructions.

Based on principles and practices of Vastu vidya presented in this work, the valuation between the type of dwelling, health and wealth appear to attract larger sections of the globe. However scientific explanations are needed to establish there findings of the Shastra for modern society.

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Summary & Conclusion

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