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Fasting and Yoga

Preparation for Fasting

Beginning a fast anytime may be all right in certain cases which are not affected by serious chronic diseases. But in a diseased condition, it is much safer to prepare the system for the fast through a low protein diet rich in positive mineral elements, or better still through a raw food diet and through systematic natural treatment. Large amounts of negative pathogenic materials eliminated from the tissues and thrown into circulation must be neutralized by the positive alkaline mineral elements and eliminated from the system. These neutralizing and purifying elements can be introduced into the system only through a fruit and vegetable diet, low in starch and protein matter and rich in the positive alkaline mineral elements. When the natural diet and treatment have purified the system sufficiently then the physiological and psychological moment for fasting has arrived. The system is not in condition for the digestion and assimilation of food. Therefore fasting becomes imperative.

Kinds of Fasts

The Regular Fast : No food, but sufficient water to quench the thirst to dilute the pathogenic materials and thereby facilitate elimination through the skin and kidneys.

The Dry Fast : This means total abstinence from food and drink. It is a powerful method for promoting elimination of morbid matter and disease taints.

The Seven Day Fast : Cannot produce any harmful or weakening results.

The Long Fast : Extends from one to seven or more weeks, according to individual indications and the vitality of the patient.

Fruit Juices in Fasting

Fruit juices are rich in mineral salts which are necessary to neutralize the negative pathogenic substances with which the circulation is flooded during the fast.

Besides having a neutralizing and eliminating effect, they are splendid tonics and antiseptics and are rich in vitamins which sustain and stimulate the vital activities. Fasting, therefore, is much easier to endure and more pleasant when the diluted fruit juices are taken.

Fruit juices should not be taken pure or in large quantities because in this form they may excite the digestive process. There is no danger of this, however, when they are taken in dilute form; for instance, add the juice of half an orange or half a lemon to a tumbler full of cold water. The water should be of natural or room temperature. Ice Water should not be used under any circumstances.


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