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Making Sprouts

SprouterThe biggest hindrance to incorporating sprouts in our daily diet is the fact that making sprouts can be time consuming and cumbersome. It is a pity that most of us forego the benefits of this powerful food because of the lack of convenience in making them.

Using a Sprouter however makes the whole process faster, easier, non messy and hygienic.

In the conventional way, these seeds are then loosely tied in a soft cotton muslin cloth and then this bundle is hung on a peg to await germination. The cloth must be kept moist at all times and water should be sprinkled several times in the day to keep it wet. This method suffers from several drawbacks.

It is a cumbersome system wherein the water must be sprinkled at regular intervals.

The sprouting is comparatively slow and may take several days.

The seeds may have to be flushed twice or thrice a day to remove slime that may accumulate on them.

The moist cloth often results in an unpleasant odor.

The Sprouter eliminates all these drawbacks to make the process as "automatic" as possible. It is so designed that the seeds are always provided the humidity while retaining their own warmth to help in faster germination. The Sprouter does away with the need for constant attention and ensures a "non-messy" experience. It eliminates the need of any cloth or coverings and makes the process as "hands-free" as possible.

Features of the Sprouter

Made from the finest range of plastic ware.

Optimally designed to have air and humidity control.

Also uses the natural warmth of the seed to enable faster sprouting.

Completely washable and hygienic.
Has a unique siphon system to facilitate germination.
Multiple trays ensure sprouting of different seeds simultaneously.
Easy to understand "Directions for use".

" I did receive the Sprouters in a timely manner. That type of Sprouter is hard to find so I was happy to get them. They are great.."

Tammy Marciano, Beverly, MA
How to Use:

First wash the seeds, soak them overnight in water and then put them in the Sprouter as indicated.

Pour some lukewarm water in the bottom tray so that it is about one-fourth full and shut the Sprouter.

Place the Sprouter in a warm environment (such as near a small lamp source OR atop some appliance).

Make sure that the seeds are exposed to a supply of light - preferably natural sunlight.
Forget about it till the seeds sprout!!
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