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Nature Cure or Naturopathy

"Nature Cure is so simple easy and cheap.....this system of treatment should be used."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.

Naturopathy is a system of medicine aimed to diagnose and treat any human ailment, pain and injury through the use of natural elements, mainly 5 in number - Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth
Nature Cure or Naturopathy
Naturopathy believes that all forms of disease are due to the same cause, that is, the accumulation of waste materials and toxins in our bodies that are steadily piling up.

Nature cure believes that disease is one , its cause is one and so its treatment is one.

How do the waste materials pile up?
  • Natural means - Our body is made up of cells, some of which continuously die and are replaced by new ones. The old dead cells are foreign material to the body and need to be eliminated. In addition, processes of the living cells also generate toxic wastes due to metabolic reactions.
  • Unnatural means - Wrong ways of life also cause production of excess toxins.
  • When these toxins are not eliminated at a reasonably fast rate, a diseased condition is created.

Myth !! Germs cause Disease
  • Germs do not cause disease but are found breeding in the accumulating waste matter in the body. In a healthy body, having normal secretions and excretions, the germs cannot find a breeding ground and are destroyed by the antibodies present in the secretions. There have been extensive experiments to prove this.

    "Just as mud cannot stick to a smooth, oily surface, similarly, the germs cannot blemish a healthy body."
  • Germs are part of the result of disease and not the cause.
  • Nature Cure recognizes this. Instead of concentrating its energy on killing germs, the activity of which we cannot escape when the conditions are ripe, nature cure attempts to invigorate the system, to build up blood and lymph, and to purify the tissues so that germ activity is rendered inconsequential.
  • Exercise keeps the balance between nutrition and drainage. Exercise -both physical and mental - help greatly in removing toxins. Exercises provide for a greater intake of oxygen and help in improving blood circulation. Organ massage also takes place.
  • Yoga provides for an extremely beneficial and complete method aimed at total body and mind health.

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