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Breast Shapers � Breast Lifts
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Breast Shapers � Breast Lifts
  • Ultra thin Silicone � Stretch Shaping cups
  • Reusable upto 25 times
  • 2-in-1 Unique lifting and shaping action
  • Full camouflage - Skin Color
  • Suitable for sagging breasts (even after pregnancy)
  • Available in size A/B and C/D
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Extremely useful for giving proper shape and lift to the breasts, these breast shapers are very suitable for that increased confidence in women, specially after pregnancy when breast tend to sag.

They are strapless and very comfortable, so will provide full concealment with comfort. They can also be worn with a bra for added support.

These Silicone breast lifts have a high quality self-stick adhesive; very different from any other breast tapes or adhesive bras.

They have a non-stick centre, so there is no irritation to the nipple which remains free. Simply follow the steps as shown in the video below to wear these breast lifts.
Breast Shapers Before


Breast Shapers After


Breast Shapers Video
Make sure the skin is dry and oil free before applying for a better fit. After wear store these on the storage cups provided.These breast lifts can be hand-washed and used upto 25 times.
" I totally recommend them to all the mothers like me whose breast have sagged after breast feeding. They will get back your confidence and they are totally safe "
Surubhi, Kolkata
Item Photos Price
Breast Shapers � Breast Lifts (Size A/B) Breast Shapers � Breast Lifts USD$ 34.95
Breast Shapers � Breast Lifts (Size C/D) Breast Shapers � Breast Lifts USD$ 38.95
Breast Shapers � Breast Lifts
Breast Shapers � Breast Lifts

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