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"Mother As First Guru" - a "Bible"

A pregnancy and mothering guide so comprehensive that it will serve as a "hand-me-down" across generations
As a girl, as a maturing woman and as a mother, a woman experiences tremendous changes in her life. Unfortunately, many fail to cope with the Physical, Emotional and Psychological adjustments that can take place. Often, Appropriate Support is not available, either through social means and sometimes not even from her mother.

"Mother as First Guru" changes all that. It is a complete package to natural mothering and spiritual womanhood. It is so comprehensive, that it has often been described as the 'Bible' of all pregnancy and women's health guides.
Neti-Nasal Cleansing
It is based on Yoga philosophy. It demonstrates clearly through principles and practical routines, how to enable your body and mind to work in harmony with 'nature' for dramatic results to your well-being. It will change the entire way you think and help you find a whole new meaning.

What it is:

The 'Mother as First Guru' package includes 2 Complete Book guides - one dedicated to the principles and understanding and the other which includes the complete practical yoga practices and programs. Besides, this it includes 2 Audio CDs that familiarize you with practical meditation and relaxation routines that are essential to realize the fullest benefits.

To get an idea of the content that has gone behind this effort, you may like to know that this Entire Package of 2 Comprehensive Book sets and Audio CDs weighs over 4 lbs!!!

A sampling of what you will learn and how you will benefit:

Let us see some of the features of this guide. Remember even a single principle in this Bookset can end up making a HUGE difference to your AND your baby's life!!

Learn about Yoga and its relevance to sex and sexual organs. In fact, yoga through Tantra deals extensively with the Spirituality Behind Sex and the health of the sexual organs.

You will learn how to ensure the Right Development of your baby at the right time in different stages - beginning by preparing your body appropriately for conception and then from the womb onto the baby's early years.

You will learn through the personal experience and actual case studies of the author herself who has evolved through a period of 6 pregnancies - from her first as an immature girl to her sixth in which she underwent a self-performed childbirth. To read more on the author, Click here

Understand the Yogic Approach to food, explanation of whole foods and the importance of a whole foods diet - designed to educate you on healthy eating and make a smooth transition.

Overcome hassles and medication by learning about natural contraception and by becoming aware of Natural Fertility Management.

Thorough Practical Yoga Training Programs

Book 2 along with the 2 audio cds is exclusively devoted to practical yoga routines for you - both as a beginner AND after you gain experience. You can create specific programs with performance charts.

Through this, you will equip yourself with specific programs for almost any kind of Health Disorders and women-specific conditions including various Infertility Causes. To see the complete list of disorders for which routines are available, Click here.

Prepare yourself for a healthy motherhood and a healthy child by Specific pre-natal Health Programs. Through these pertinent programs you'll also be able to learn practices for turning breech and posterior foetus positions in the womb.

Learn specific programs for Post-Natal Health to cope with issues such as incontinence and prolapse.

With over 2000 Cross References, this practical section is undoubtedly the most elaborate index of yoga practices that you will EVER find for complete women's health.

A Complete Pregnancy Guide... and beyond

"Mother as First Guru" deals with pregnancy in such a thorough manner that even your mother would never know. Simply, because its been authored by someone who has seen it all -from single, unsupported and inharmonious married pregnancies to completely supported community pregnancies - a varied exposure at motherhood and parenting.

You will gain a fresh insight into the aspect of diet and may realize the 'non necessity' of supplements in pregnancy.

Understand the truth behind Energy Changes that you know are happening but are unable to figure out why or how to cope with it.

Learn how to handle Unwanted Pregnancies or Single Mother Pregnancies and clear your mind of doubts and apprehensions.

Birthing and Life style changes in motherhood

Birthing has been dealt with so comprehensively that even the best of pre-natal classes will not provide you anything close to it - because no class worth it's name is born out of the experience of someone who has graduated progressively from an unprepared birthing to a self-handled birth through 6 childbirths.

You will learn the art of Natural Pain Management and will understand how to approach the birth, especially for first time mothers.

Learn how to Birth Naturally and manage the situation - beginning from the mental turmoil taking place up to the first contact with the baby. Understand the significance of bonding.

You'll be exposed in advance to the life style changes that you can expect AFTER the baby arrives. Unlike other teachings that stay with you only up to childbirth and then leave you in lurch, this guide will teach you how to Manage Your Recovery, deal with issues of Breastfeeding and Sexual Relations with your partner post-pregnancy.

Development of the Child and Growing as a Parent:

"Mother as First Guru" does not end at childbirth but makes a whole new beginning with issues of bringing up you kid beginning from that less considered but very important first contact.

Explore the mystery behind your Baby's Earliest Years and his senses, sleeping and Development Patterns when you seem to be having no clue of what he (or she) is trying to convey.

Deal with the emotional aspect of rearing your child, tantrums and partner issues as you grow into your motherhood.

As you can see from the above sampling that "Mother as First guru" is one of the most comprehensive guides you can ever experience.

These are just the highlights� For a Deeper Sampling of some of the issues in "Mother as First Guru", Click here.

And if you thought that this is ALL this package is about, just take a look at the full list of contents by Clicking here.

For whom is this package NOT suitable??

Having spoken of what you can expect, a suggestion on who should NOT be reading or experiencing this -

This is certainly not for those who are unwilling to look beyond the "medical answers" to situations. You must accept that there is * perhaps * something that science has not yet reached and still in the realm of exploration. You should be willing to experience and explore with an open mind.

"Mother as First Guru" will broaden your perspective on life, womanhood and motherhood. It will Unlock your Dilemmas, Confusions and Apprehensions so comprehensively that you'll regret why you hadn't got hold of it earlier.

You would effectively be transformed into a positive, clear thinking and fit individual and you will FOREVER choose to keep it close as your personal guide... I guarantee it!!.

By now, you must be wondering what is the price of this power-packed treatise that has over 20 Years of Personal Experience and rare knowledge behind it?

Knowledge is priceless and when it is backed by actual experience, it makes it a rare treasure that will be a 'Hand-me-Down' from generation to generation - you will realize it no sooner than you delve into its insightful contents.

Balancing the desire to provide an opportunity for every woman to have Life-Long Gains without diminishing the value of the effort of the honorable soul behind this, we have been holding the price of the entire package at (unbelievable NEW price) $97 - a real 'steal' as will be borne out by ANYBODY who has got a chance to sample this.

Remember, even a SINGLE principle of this 4lb. package can make a permanent change to you AND your baby's life!!
  • Over 600 pages of the complete woman's guide
  • Over 200 pages of exclusive yoga programs and practices for Pre-Natal, Post Natal and women's health including women-specific health and fertility disorders.
  • 74 minutes of audio helping you learn powerful relaxation and meditative techniques.
The entire package is backed by the famous Health and Yoga Guarantee. If you do not find this learning set to have Positively Wonderful Impact upon you, you are most welcome to return the set any time within the Next 60 Days and get your full money back at Zero Risk.

And lastly� you can be sure there is nothing available like this ANYWHERE - nothing that caters to physical, emotional and psychological aspects so comprehensively.

So help yourself and make a positive impact on your life� this investment will pay you several times over your entire life...

The Hard Copy version of this book is now available!
" I recieved my order and I'm very happy about it. I never imagined this book (Mother as first Guru) would be so good. I must thank you for having it put on internet and Swami Gurupremananda for writing it. I have already told some of my friends about it and I hope they will get this book, too. It is a wonder to me, how the knowledge of such great importance for a woman has been lost in the west. Thank God there still are some wise people who keep this knowledge and transmit it to others. I will certainly teach my children about it. "
A.K, Koper, Istra, Slovenia
" Your book came just in time for me to devour it before my first son was born. We refer to it frequently about everything! It's a shame that this book isn't available in the US because there really isn't anything like it. "
Bethany Ball, Miami, Florida
" Special Arrangement :
To see whether this �Bible� lives up to your expectations, we have made a special arrangement for FREE Online reading of the Book 1 only. Book 2 relating to comprehensive Yoga Practices as well as the Audio Instructional practices are only available with your purchase.

To access Online Reading of Book-I, please Click Here "
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Complete 2-Book set with 2 CDs Mother As First Guru US$ 97.00

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Enjoy Every Moment of Your Womanhood

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