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Incense in Meditation
  • Non toxic, Exquisitely hand-rolled
  • No punk sticks used
  • Fragrances blended from flowers, barks, leaves, roots and herbs.
  • Over 50 fragrances available.
  • Available as a Sample Kit or Individual fragrance packs
  • Hand-made paper packing used.
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There are hundreds of fragrances with which incense sticks are made. Unfortunately, there is twice as much advice on which fragrance should be used for what purpose. It is often recommended that lavender and jasmine fragrant incenses are the best tools for calming the mind and providing relief from stress. While this may be true in several cases, we strongly believe that each individual has a unique mind-set. Choose the fragrance that has a pleasing and peaceful effect upon you. Efforts to categorize fragrances to definite emotions are at best subjective.

To know the best fragrance for you, try and sample incenses with a Incense Sample Kit. Burn each of these to their duration, which is about 7-10 minutes. This would be more than sufficient to get a complete feel of the fragrance. Just sit back and "watch" your emotional responses. We strongly recommend this method because fragrances can have very varied responses. Besides if you get the fragrance that is right for you, it will most certainly make you a very happy person.

What to avoid while selecting Incense?

The incense should not be perfumed with toxic substances. The incense should not be made using punk sticks. Punk sticks are cheap and in several cases can cause throat and nasal irritation as well as headaches.

To learn more about Incense in Meditation, Click here

Features of the Incense Sample Kit

It has a range of 14 varied and rare Fragrances. Each fragrance has been designed keeping various moods in mind. Each fragrance has 3 sticks each of approx. 10-minute duration. Incense sticks are Hand Rolled by preserving the ancient art of incense making. They are completely Non Toxic. Fragrances are blended from flowers, barks, leaves, roots and herbs. Incense are not manufactured from punk sticks

Features of the full sized Incense Sticks

Packed in exclusive hand made paper that is decorated with natural flowers. Available in a range of over 50 fragrances. Each packet contains approx. 20 sticks about 21 Cms. long. Exquisitely hand rolled. Completely non toxic. Natural - blended using flowers, roots, herbs and woods
" I purchased the incense and the Neti Pot. I love the incense. It is so relaxing and brings a peaceful mind. "
J.Weigant, Evansville, IN
" The incense samples are a great idea! I am using them to decide which I like best and plan to order larger amounts of some. Thanks! "
Mary, St. Louis, MO
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Item Photos Price
Incense Sample Kit
50 gm. Pack (14 - Fragrances Mini Sticks)
Incense Sample Kit USD$ 7.95
Individual Fragrances
Rose 10 gm. Pack USD$ 0.85
Musk 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Opium 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Myrrh 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Tuberrose 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Rosemary 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Mangolia 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Gardenia 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Orange Blossom 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Pine 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Amber 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Cedar 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Vanilla 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Eucalyputs 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Cinnamon 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Lily of the vally 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Oriental bouquest 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
African Violet 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Jasmine 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Lemongrass 10 gm. Pack USD$0.85
Nag Champa Packs
Nag Champa 15 gm. Pack USD$0.68
Nag Champa 100 gm. Pack USD$4.45
Nag Champa 250 gm. Pack USD$10.95
Padmini Incense
Padmini Brindavan 100 Stick Pack USD$2.09
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Incense in Meditation
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"Fast delivery! All good, Mahalo! "

06 Aug,2019

from Kapaa , United States


"Fast delivery! All good, Mahalo! "

06 Aug,2019

from Kapaa , United States


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10 Apr,2018

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