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Incense Sticks & Incense Cones
Achieve Tranquillity with Aromatic Surroundings

Ambience and smells can totally make or break the mood. Pleasing scent of H&Y Incense sticks is a quick-fix to uplift the mood of any surroundings. They help to calm the mind and provide relief from stress.
Create your perfect ambient surroundings for a fruitful meditation session with incense.

Available in many fragrances, it can be tough to decide what suits you the best.
The Incense Sample kit allows you to choose from various aromas. Pick your favourite one.

GoSeva Incense Cones have a unique smell of Fire Ceremonies (Yajna). They are made of cow "Panchgavya elements" - cow dung, pure cow ghee (clarified butter) with classical pure herbs to give a remarkably mild and purifying incense. These cones help purify and disinfect the surrounding air.

Herbal Mosquito Repellent Sticks are made of natural oils and powders. They contain different herbs and spices to keep mosquitoes away with a soothing fragrance.

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