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Natural Dried Grass Yoga Mat
    Natural Grass Yoga Mats   Mat   Natural Dried Grass Yoga Mat   Hand-Woven Yoga Mat  
Natural Dried Grass Yoga Mat
  • Eco Friendly – Natural Grass
  • Natural Latex backed Antiskid
  • Natural serrations for right grip
  • Great natural & ‘non-synthetic’ feel
  • Available both in 2'x 6' & 3’x6’ sizes
  • Jacquard or Canvas border
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This natural eco-friendly yoga mat is ideal for getting the maximum out of Yoga Poses

We have experienced several kinds of yoga mats - each one with some unique advantages.

While we recommend the Hand-Woven Yoga Mat for GENTLE yoga exercises, we think that this unique 'straw-like' grass mat is very suitable for Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

Why? Because the Natural Serrations of the dried grass help you maintain grip without providing artificial 'sticky' support. It is exclusively designed for helping you work towards a balance.

It is heavy and latex backed to provide a superior firmness with absolutely no-skid.

Some of the features of this Eco-Friendly Mat are:
  • Also available as Extra wide - 3' wide, as opposed to 2' of most mats. This'extra' width makes a huge Psychological Difference,as you spread out in your yoga positions. Full dimensions: 6' * 3'.
  • Great feel and 'Health Stimulation' - Feel yourself lying on golden strawin the reclining postures. While standing, feel the natural ribbed serrations of interwoven grass under your feet. This also has a beneficial 'Acupressure' Effect through the soles of your feet.
  • Anti Skid - Latex backing ensures a firm mat without any crumpling or skidding of the mat.
  • The Right Grip - But the greatest advantage in our experience, is the righttexture of these mats which help in your yoga movements withoutslipping. At the same time, you can maintain a natural flow in your movement - something that sticky mats do not allow you to do.
  • Available in 2 Sizes and Styles- Conventional 2'x 6' with a pretty jacquard border and the extra wide 3'x 6' with cotton canvas border
  • Weighs about 2 kgs (4.5 lbs.)
In all, a great eco-friendly mat to have for those seeking to get the most out of classical yoga postures.
" I am so very happy with my purchase from Health & Yoga! The order was shipped very quickly and I was able to track my order online. The yoga mat that I purchased is wonderful. I bought it for my mother, who used to teach yoga, but has been out of practice for years. She loved how natural and beautiful the mat looked in her house, it is rather decorative! She especially loved the 3'X 6' dimensions...she has never owned a yoga mat that allows for so much space and comfort in practicing different yoga positions. I look forward to further exploring what Health & Yoga has to offer. "
Katherine, Olympia, WA
" The woven grass yoga mat has a wonderful aroma that enhances each yoga practice. Using it has been a joy! My practice tends to be power yoga, and I live in a very warm climate, but the grass texture prevents slipping. I recommend it. "
Valerie, HOUSTON, TX
" I love your grass yoga mat. The texture and smell are incredible. It's received many compliments from others in the yoga classes I take. I forwarded your website to one of my yoga instructors as she liked mine and needs a new mat. Thank you for a great product, excellent customer service and quick shipping! I've already been back to your site and purchased the woven yoga mat and yoga sandals. I'm very happy with them too. "
Jennifer Hort Sandridge, Middleton, WI
" I simply love my yoga mat. I think that I have already established a personal relation to my mat since it is the place where I can be with myself. The fact that it is organic and made of natural fibers gives me a feeling of connection with everything around me. Thank you health yoga for the distribution of a yoga mat of such great quality and beauty. "
Claudia Salgado de la Rosa, Tucson, AZ
" That grass yoga mat was exactly what I was hoping for. I have used it a bunch of times now and with every class I appreciate it more.
I tend to sweat a lot during class, and the mat wicks it all away, so by the end of class I am not laying in a puddle of my own sweat. It also slips just the right amount so I can slide into position when I need to, but it also grips well ,so when I need it I have traction. Thanks for providing me with such an awesome boon to my practice!!! "
Christopher, Valrico, FL
" I absolutely love my grass mat. It is beautiful (it has a very beautiful border, pretty much as shown on the website). I always get a comment about it from others. Doing Yoga on the mat is always a pleasure. This is definitely a better purchase than all the sticky mat options out there. Thanks "
P.V, Reidsville, NC
" I absolutely LOVE my grass yoga mat! It's pretty and awesome and it smells good, too! Great motivation for a beginner like myself. Thanks! Namaste.... "
G.J, Dardanelle, AR
" The natural yoga mat has brought new enjoyment to my practice and has solved the problem of the slipping hands!!! "
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Amanda Clark, New London, CT

Yoga Mats Large 3'x 6'

Grass Yoga Mat (Cotton Canvas Border)

Cotton Canvas Border Latex Backed
USD$ 24.95

3'x 6' Yoga Mat + Zippered Bag

Grass Yoga Mat (Cotton Canvas Border) with Bag

Bag Color Black
USD$ 65.90

Yoga Mats Small 2'x 6'

Grass Yoga Mat (Jacquard Border)

Jacquard Border Latex Backed
USD$ 19.95

2'x 6' Yoga Mat + Zippered Bag

Grass Yoga Mat (Jacquard Border) With Bag

USD$ 50.90

Note : Our Refund Policy does NOT apply for these Grass Yoga Mats, due to the high cost of transportation. NO returns will be accepted for these items.

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Natural Dried Grass Yoga Mat
Natural Dried Grass Yoga Mat
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"Great mat I have been looking for one like this for a long time. Shipping was very fast. "

31 Aug,2017

from Worcester , United States


"Review not Provided. "

05 Mar,2014

from Laconia , United States


"Service was excellent. The mat though is a bit hard and it leaves marks on the hands while down dogging. "

05 Mar,2014

from frederick , United States
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