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3`x 6`Cotton Canvas Border Latex Backed Yoga Mat

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World wide Reviews of

3`x 6`Cotton Canvas Border Latex Backed Yoga Mat

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  • Eco Friendly Natural Grass Mat with Cotton Canvas Border- Size: 3 x 6 feet, Weight: 2 kg
  • The underside of the mat has a Natural Latex base. This makes it anti-skid or anti-slip.
    Does not bunch up during yoga practice.
  • Upper side made of grass has natural serrations, providing sufficient grip for advanced asanas.
  • Natural materials rubber and grass straw, provide a very earthy feel.
    Feel close to nature with this ‘non-synthetic’ mat.
  • Also available Smaller Straw mat with Jacquard border- 2 x 6 feet.
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  • US$ 34.95


Large, Heavy & Non-slip for advanced yoga.
Now practice the natural art of yoga on a mat made of natural materials. This Yoga mat is made of
- Grass straw on upper surface
- Natural latex on underside
- Pure cotton canvas border.

Latex Rubber Backing on the mat makes it Heavy and Anti-skid or anti-slip. This mat does not bunch up during yoga practice, making it ideal to perform advanced and inverted asanas. It provides superior firmness with absolutely no-skid.

Upper side of the mat is made of grass that has natural serrations, providing sufficient grip for advanced asanas. Some people find the lines created on the skin due to pressure while sitting on the mat , uncomfortable, and some don't mind it all . Nevertheless, it provides perfect balanced grip for any advanced asana, but not the 'unnatural' grip of a sticky yoga mat.

This unique 'straw-like' grass mat is very suitable for Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga.It does not let you slip, at the same time does not let you compromise in the effort needed to hold an asana/pose.

Why? Because the Natural Serrations of the dried grass help you maintain grip without providing artificial 'sticky' support. It is exclusively designed for helping you work towards a attaining a perfect balance.

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Features of Eco-Friendly Cotton Canvas Border Straw Mat :

  • Extra Wide - Has a width of 3 feet, as opposed to the usual 2 feet in most mats. This 'extra' width makes a huge Psychological Difference, while doing yoga practice as you can spread out more freely without bothering about the floor.
    Large Size- 6 X 3 feet.
  • Feels good and Stimulates Health - When you lie on the golden straw during reclining postures, or when you do standing poses, you will feel the natural ribbed serrations of interwoven grass under your feet and body. These serrations are very beneficial and provide an 'Acupressure' effect, stimulating good health.
  • Anti Skid - Latex backing ensures no crumpling or bunching of the mat during yoga practice. Whatever be the yoga movement, the mat stays firmly on the ground without skidding.
  • Balanced amount of Grip - The greatest advantage of this mat, is their straw texture which helps in doing yoga movements without slipping. And at the same time, one can maintain a natural flow in the yoga practice - something that sticky mats do not allow with their artificial grip.
  • Heavy mat -This mat weighs about 2 kg (4.2 lbs.). Long lasting , sturdy and ideal for hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga.

    Also, available in lesser width of 2 x 6 feet with a pretty Jacquard border.

    In all, a great eco-friendly mat for advanced yoga practitioners looking for right grip, right heaviness and a natural texture.
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  • 10/2/2019 8:57:32 PM

    Altenburg , Germany

    No problems with customs, the mat just came here, I loved that so much!

  • 8/31/2017 7:03:23 PM

    Worcester , United States

    Great mat I have been looking for one like this for a long time. Shipping was very fast.

  • 6/1/2011 10:05:29 AM

    Los Angeles , United States

    I received all items in good condition, and am thoroughly satisfied with each of them. Thank you.

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