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Handwoven Yoga Mats
    practice Comfortable, Focussed and Unhindered.   Handwoven Yoga Mats   Yoga Mats   Sticky Mats  
Handwoven Yoga Mats
  • Completely Handwoven
  • No latex or PVC
  • Cotton & Rayon weaves
  • Suitable for gentle, relaxation yoga
  • Superior comfort and absorbence
  • Larger Size 72” * 24”
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The best part about yoga is that it needs no equipment, just a comfortable mat which would make your practice Comfortable, Focussed and Unhindered

For an effective yoga session you should be able to do:
  • Physical Exercises - include standing positions, sitting positions and lying positions.
  • Meditative Postures; and
  • The all-powerful Relaxation Postures.
If you intend to do All of These on your yoga mat, we strongly recommend the hand-woven yoga mat. Read on, to understand why…

However, if you are into the strenuous and dynamic kind of yoga such as "Power Yoga", then we would recommend you to consider the Sticky Mats. To go to the sticky mats directly, Click here.

The hand-woven yoga mat is ideal if you wish to do gentle yoga exercises, meditation and relaxation. For All These, your yoga mat should:
  • Help you hold ALL yoga positions without feeling the slightest of discomfort.
  • Should be a 3-in-1: suitable for physical positions, meditative positions AND relaxation poses.
    • Provide you only a Sufficient Grip in case of yoga exercises.
    • Be sufficiently soft Yet Firm for meditative and other squatting postures.
    • Be extremely comfortable and snug for relaxation and lying down postures.
  • Have excellent sweat - absorbent properties AND be washable.
  • Be sufficiently large so that you don’t feel the edges giving you discomfort as you ease yourself.
  • Be attractive to the eye and should make you WANT to use them.
In fact, for Complete Yoga that includes exercises, meditation, breathing (pranayama) and relaxation, Sticky Mats should NOT be used. To read why, Click here.

Why use the “Health and Yoga” Hand-woven mats:

This UNIQUE yoga mat has been designed by yoga practitioners especially for yoga students. They are the ONLY yoga mats designed to make your practice "complete", enjoyable and comfortable.


The only 3-in-1 yoga mats: Specifically designed for Total yoga - exercises (asanas), meditation AND relaxation.

Provides Superior Comfort with Excellent Absorbent quality. Somehow, nobody really likes the feeling of lying on latex or foam mats. In fact, their superior comfort makes them extremely suitable for yoga in pregnancy.

Unique Hand-woven “twin-textured” pattern:

One side is hand woven with regular cotton yarn to provide good grip with enhanced moisture absorbance. The Reverse Side is woven with extra soft rayon-chenille, to make meditation and relaxation poses delightfully comfortable. Such a weave pattern ensures a complete yoga session including meditation and relaxation.

(Available in Sage Green Color )

Unique Hand-woven “twin-textured” pattern
Completely Hand-Woven

Large Size:  72” * 24”: Most yoga mats are of a size of 68*20 which is often inadequate.

Completely “Hand-Woven”: A produce of the finest handlooms in the world, this yoga mat is designed with prominent weaves to enhance looks and performance.

Aesthetic Beauty: We won't be lying when we say that these mats would definitely "raise eyebrows" even when they adorn your home flooring.

Color: Available in Sage Green, one of the most soothing colors to the eye and mind.

"Soft Edges, hemmed in uniquely so that you don’t feel them as you ease yourself.

Price: We consider the yoga mat as a promotional tool, one that will help you do yoga exercises, meditation and relaxation. We are offering this at a promotional price USD$ 28.95 – a real bargain for the only 3-in-1 tool that you will ever find.

" I have always been more than pleased with your products. You always ship products promptly and always in perfest condition. I am especially happy with my new handwoven yoga matt. I am very serious about hatha yoga and it works very well for me. Not to mention it looks great Thank you very much "
J.T, Torrington, CT
" I really love it...it works just like you said it would...giving support but not stealing the work we need to do ourselves (putting weight into our bones) I am a fan of NOT using sticky mats for this reason, other blankets can be too slippery and frightening...so this is really great...thank you..... "
Jude Johnson, San Diego, California
" I recieved a hand woven yoga mat and I love it. With the two tectures, one on each side, this mat is perfect for any use. This mat is a great yoga mat to get and the price makes it a bargain. Thank you for supplying such a great mat. "
A.B, Kearney, NE
" I have received my yoga mat and do enjoy working with it. My hands and feet would react to the other cushy mats by sweating. Your hand-woven mat helps me maintain my position without slipping and helps me maintain my awareness of the posture without holding me there with a sticky mat. "
Catherine Brewer, Port Angeles, WA
" I am very pleased with my handwoven yoga mat. It is much more comfortable than foam mats. I have already recommended it to many of my friends who absolutely hate foam mats. Thank you for making yoga a little easier and more pleasant for me, and I'm sure for other people. "
Sarah Z. Zanon, Reedsburg, Wisconsin
" I did receive my order promptly... my girlfriend loves her hand woven yoga rug, we were a little skeptical at first that it was rayon/cotton and then learned rayon was a wood fiber product. The Neti Pot is the best I've seen. the Tongue Scraper I thought might be a combination of silver and copper as per your website description of what a good tongue scraper might be, but it was all copper which of course is fine... they sell copper ones near me for more than your oral care kit!i will refer you to my friends and perhaps sign up for the referral club. Thank you very much. "
F.S, San Rafael, CA
" I've been using my new yoga mat since then and I love it! I've purchased the dual sided cotton and chenille yoga mat. The "sage green" color on the web site had looked a little too dark so I was a little nervous about what it was going to look like, but the actual color is very nice; the quality of the mat is great, and it is exactly what I was looking for. "
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Pamira Bezmen, Broomall, PA
Item Photos Price
Handwoven Yoga Mats Mats USD$ 28.95
Note : Our Refund Policy does NOT apply for Hand Woven Yoga Mat, due to the high cost of transportation & varying personal tastes. NO returns will be accepted for this item.

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Handwoven Yoga Mats
Handwoven Yoga Mats
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" I recieved my products in excellent condition and within one week. Thanks very much. "

15 Feb,2012

from Garden City , United States


"Handwoven yogamat - absolutely wonderful and soft (needs a thin rubber mat for grip underneath), and cotton yoga bag is great for both and a bottle of water/towel etc as well. And I love my metal Neti pot! Great shopping experience all in all."

04 Nov,2011

from royston , United Kingdom


"I did receive my order and am very satisfied with everything. Thanks


05 Oct,2011

from ST. LOUIS , United States
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