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level owing to the limitations of the personality. The greater the egoism the greater the obstruction. The sadhak tries to remove this obstruction so that his personality becomes a willing and conscious instrument of the divine. It is needless to say that this is a gradual process and for a long time the sadhak has to work in the dark trying to do scrupulously what
he thinks to be right without having any conscious knowledge of the Divine will. It is however not necessary to know the Divine will until the personality has been brought under control for even if that will were known the wayward and uncontrolled personality will not allow it to be expressed freely and fully. But as in all process of this nature the effort to realize an ideal gradually removes the obstruction and the sadhak becomes a conscious agent of the Divine.

"I Surrender To You"

With a heart full of anguish I implore Thee
Shower upon me, O shower upon me;
Thy power Thy love and let me know Thy will
I wish to work only in tune with Thy will.
All personal desires and all personal cravings
I renounce at Thy feet and seek only blessings;
My life in Your hands it is up to You
Do as You wish I surrender unto You.


(covered under Hatha Yoga)
A complete description of Asanas, including the one related to Raja Yoga is included in Chapter 3, Hatha Yoga.

Pranayana (covered under Hatha Yoga)
A complete description of Pranayama, including the one related to Raja Yoga is included in Chapter 3, Hatha Yoga.


This is the fifth stage. It consists of withdrawal of the senses from its objects so that it is not tempted to unnecessarily indulge in it. This withdrawal is done indirectly by physically moving away from the place where the object of pleasure lies and going to a place where the pleasure is not available like coming to Rishikesh. As long as you are in Rishikesh you are practicing indirect pratyahara. If you go to Goa all pratyahara will be over. The direct method is to practice Pranayama. Every time you practice Pranayama the mind will be withdrawn from the external to the internal. This is real pratyahara. 


yoga book   yoga book
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