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Concentration and Meditation

Desha-bandhas chittasya dharana (PYS Ch 3, Su-1). It is the practice of fixing the mind to any object of concentration. Some common methods to develop concentration are : 

  • Backward Counting

  • Memory Stimulating Exercise

  • Prayer

  • Visualisation

  • Pranayama

  • Brahmacharya

Meditation (Dhyana)
Tatra pratyaya-ekatanata dhyanam(PYS Ch 3, Su-2). When the mind remains without distraction on the chosen object for a long time it is called meditation. 
Dhyanam nirvishayam manah. State of mind where there are no sensual thoughts or no contents occupying the mind.

Purpose of Meditation

Peace and relaxation
To free the mind from daily stress and tension, worries and anxieties. To make the mind calm, clear and contented. To achieve this 30 minutes of meditation in the morning and evening is good enough. 

Purification of the mind
Suppressed emotions, fears and phobia's from childhood experiences affect our adult life. These are released. One becomes aware of one's strong likes and dislikes, attachments and aversions, which help to reduce them. Negative emotions are transformed into positive ones. One should practice at least one-hour meditation in the morning and evening. 
To unfold inner potentialities
It helps to bring more energy and creativity in our mind and develop the dormant faculties within. Apart from one hour, daily meditation in the morning and evening whenever possible a two hour or three hour meditation should be practiced.

To eradicate deep-seated sanskaras

Prolonged meditation is needed to burn the deep seated sanskaras.

Samadhi and its higher stages
This can be achieved only through deep, intense and prolonged meditations for many hours each day for many years

This is practiced to free the soul from its confinement to the bodies (Physical, Astral and 


yoga book   yoga book
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