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At that moment feel that all dualities have disappeared, you have lost consciousness of the body, time and space. You are one with everything; in fact you are everything. Hold on to this blissful experience for a minute. Now visualize the Kundalini energy again re-appearing from the ocean of pure consciousness and trave11ing down the Sushumna going back to its seat at the Mooladhara chakra. As the Kundalini descends the chakras revert back to their drooping position. Repeat the practice 3 to 5 times. 

Meditation on the Self 

Sit as above. For 10 minute simply act as a witness to all activities going on in the body and mind. Do not control, do not do anything simply watch, observe, witness. First concentrate on the breath, as the breath slows down concentrate on any sensation that you may feel. As these subside concentrate on the thoughts that rise and fall, come and go. As the thoughts reduce sit quietly, steadily. Now visualize a dazzling brilliant light in the center of your heart. Feel I am this light. Concentrate on the feelings I am eternal, I am infinite, I am pure, I am perfect, I am a blissful spirit, blissful spirit ……… Sit quietly as long as possible with this feeling I am a blissful spirit. 

Samadhi (Super Conscious Experiences) 

Definition of consciousness 

Consciousness is considered as that principle or that background which gives rise to thoughts. It is the subjective aspect of the Mind as opposed to thoughts, which are objectively perceived. It is considered a product of the chemical processes taking place in the physical body and ceasing to exist when the chemical processes come to an end on the death of the physical body. 

Consciousness is an eternal, independent principle in existence. It is that original substance from which the universe comes into existence. The universe is a gross manifestation of this original substance. Every thing in the universe, human body, planets, stars and all forms of matter, the universe itself is a grosser and grosser manifestation of this substance. Every thing ultimately resolves back into this substance. Consciousness is like a huge cosmic ocean in which the whole universe and every material object within the universe is a gross manifestation of it and floats in this ocean, just like an iceberg a gross manifestation of water floats in an ocean of water. 

It is a characteristic property or an important aspect of the nature of God or Ultimate Reality. Love, Bliss Light, Wisdom, Eternal existence and Changelessness are its characteristic properties. 

The body and mind of any object in the universe is a gross manifestation of consciousness 


yoga book   yoga book
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