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Manomaya Kosha (Emotional or Lower mind dominated by the senses)
The Manomaya Kosha consists of:
  Manas             - mind
Jnanendriyas   - senses of knowledge
Karmendriyas  - senses of action

Manas (Lower mind)
It is the energy of action. It is the cause of all the activities of the body, the senses and the intellect. It is a luminous mass of light situated in the Pons Varolii, above the medulla. This mind is seen as a luminous mass of light through meditative vision. The rays of the mind are directed outward. The mind is ever active and restless. Of all the moving objects in the world the mind has the greatest speed. Also its movements are unobstructed. It has the ability to perceive all objects from Heaven above to the worlds below, from the smallest particles to the greatest masses of matter. Mind can cognize all objects whether far or near, hidden or manifest. In the Vedas it is mentioned 'Among all lights, the light of the mind reaches the farthest'. The mind is however, not capable of reasoning or discriminating. The mind gives power to the senses in sense perceptions and actions. It collects the sensory information from the senses and sends them to the intellect for ascertaining their nature. It also receives directions from the intellect and commands the senses to perform various activities. At the time of sense perceptions or carrying out the instructions of the intellect, the mind projects its rays outward and becomes big. Mind can expand itself infinitely in this process. Again on a different instruction from the intellect, mind can withdraw itself from sense objects and during concentration and meditation become very peaceful and minute. Mind has the capacity to expand and contract infinitely.

Indriyas (Senses)
There are ten indriyas or senses as follows:

Eyes, ears, nose, skin, and tongue. They help us to gain knowledge.

Hands, feet, tongue anus and genitals. They help us to perform actions.
The sense organs of the physical body are the external aspects of the senses. The external sense organs have an inner counterpart in the mind. These inner counterparts are the real senses. These senses act as outposts of the mind. The rays of the mind empower them. They help the mind to gain knowledge and perform physical activities.

Vijnanmaya Kosha (Intellectual Sheath - Buddhi or Higher Mental Body)
The reasoning and discriminating faculty is called the intellect. It is the principle that on receiving all the sense impressions performs the functions of reasoning, analyzing and judging. The intellect determines the characteristic properties of all objects. Similar to Manas, the Intellect, is also a mass of transparent, clear, luminous light. The seat of the intellect is in the


yoga book   yoga book
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