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Sphatika, Tulsi or Rudraksha mala of 108 beads is used. The mala should be respected and kept in all sacredness. Mala must be held in the ring finger and the beads rotated using the middle and the thumb. The index finger is never used. 

Number of Japa 
The mantra should be repeated as many lakhs of times as there are letters in the mantra for example the Panchakshara mantra of Lord Siva should be done five lakh times; the Ashtakshar mantra of Lord Narayana, has to chanted eight lakh times etc. In case of difficulty half the required number may be done. In no case should it be done less than a lakh. 

Sleeping on the ground, strict celibacy and silence must be observed. Bath taken twice daily. When counting of one mala is over, revert it and come back again. Do not cross the meru. 

Women should not begin the anushthana during the time of her menses, nor should it occur in the middle of the practice. 

Anushthana is a great tapas and should be practiced with great reverence, faith and carefulness. Japa done during the time of solar or lunar eclipse produces tremendous effect. This rare opportunity should not be missed, whenever it occurs. 

Svara Yoga 

Svara yoga is an ancient Hindu science known as Svarodaya. It means the rising of the breath in one nostril or the other. It analyses the working of prana the life principle in the body. It prescribes means to regulate the flow of prana to ensure best health and longevity. Effective means have been discovered to check disease and death. 
Ida and pingala the two nadis function alternately. The change of flow from one nostril to the other is called, ‘Vishuvat' which means poison the destroyer of all actions. The time that this change occurs which generally lasts for about 4 to 5 mins is highly inauspicious for any activity. Hence no activity should be done at this time. When during the change of flow an obstruction appears in the nostril that is expelled by a mild or heavy sneezing. That is why sneezing is considered an ill-omen, it denoting vishuvat. The Indian tradition says if at the time of doing any work sneezing takes place then wait a few minutes and thereafter continue with the work. This waiting for five minutes provides the time for the change of flow to take place. Ida is powerful in the bright fortnight. Pingala is powerful in the dark fortnight. 


yoga book   yoga book
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