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(Sense of perception)
(Sense of action)
  Pancha Mahabhoota
(Five great elements)












  Akash (Space)

  Vayu (Air)

  Agni (Fire)

  Apah (Water)

  Prithvi (Earth)

At the mooladhara chakra, Shakti takes up her abode inside a coiled structure located at the base of the spine in the astral body. It is here that Shakti is referred to as Kundalini because of her being located in a coiled structure. She is represented as lying asleep in the form of a snake with three and a half coils. The three coils represent the three matras of Om, which relate to past, present and future; to the three Gunas— Tamas, Rajas and Sattwa; to the three states of consciousness- waking, dreaming and sleeping. The half coil represents the state of transcendence. So the coils signify the total experience of the relative universe and the experience of transcendence. A small part of this energy is active and flows downward in the form of Mind and prana. The major part of this energy which is inactive blocks brahmadwara the opening to the sushumna.
This Kundalini energy located at the mooladhara chakra in the astral body creates the gross physical body from the original primal cell (united male sperm and female ovum) in the mother's womb and sustains this body and all its activities throughout life. Kundalini energy is not located in the physical body. It is located in the astral body. It however, creates, maintains and on death dissolves the physical body. It activates the physical body through a center in the physical brain. According to yoga this center is in the medulla. In the medulla there is a point that corresponds to the Spiritual Eye of the astral body. From the brain, through the spinal cord and the physical nervous system this energy maintains the body by bringing mind and prana to every cell of the physical body.
When this Kundalini energy flowing downward is prevented from feeding the physical body and is withdrawn upward along the Sushumna back to its source in Agnya and from there to the Sahasrara chakra, then this upward movement of the Kundalini energy is referred to in yoga as Kundalini awakening. When this Kundalini energy merges back to its source in the Sahasrara chakra, the yogi then experiences his Soul nature and his oneness with Spirit, the ocean of cosmic consciousness. This experience is the purpose of Kundalini yoga.

Description of Nadis and Granthis

The word ‘Nadi' comes from ‘Nad' meaning vibration or motion. It refers to astral nerves made of astral matter. It is through these nerves that Prana energy flows in the astral body or Pranamaya Kosha. Nadi does not refer to the physical nerves, arteries or veins. Ancient


yoga book   yoga book
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