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the respiratory system and the sweat glands, the discharges of menstrual fluid, vaginal secretions and ejaculation are all regulated by the apana vayu. This chakra is therefore physically related to all excretory, urinary and sexual activities. 


  • This chakra has 4 red petals. The petals refer to the nadis. It means 4 nadis emerge from this place distributing energy in the adjoining area. Each nadi produces a subtle vibration giving rise to a particular sound and these sounds constitutes the Sanskrit alphabets. The sounds are Vam, Sham, Ksham, Sam. Pronounced for purpose of chakra activation as Vang, Shang, Kshang, Sang. 

  • The Bija sound is Lam or Lang. The sound vibrates the palate and the cranium. When properly intoned it activates the nadis of the chakra and creates a lock that closes the downward movement of the prana energy. Vibration in the cranium makes the energy move up. Verbal or mental repetition of this sound activates the chakra. Vehicle (Vahana) of the bija is elephant with seven trunks. ‘ Indra's Airavata' 

  • Brahma granthi is located here. 

  • Presiding Deities- Brahma (Lord of creation) and Dakini. Lord Ganesha is seated here guarding the entrance to the Brahmadwara. He is the astral deity, or angel or God's power that allows mind, prana and kundalini energy (Shakti) to move up the sushumna. 

  • Plane - Bhuloka; Element – Earth ; Planet –Mars. 

  • Sense organs –Nose and Anus. 

  • Yantra –yellow square. 

  • Behavior- Normally a child from the ages of one to seven acts out of this chakra motivations. Security is the primary concern. All the passions are stored in the mooladhara, all the guilt, our lower samskaras and karmas are embedded here. All schizophrenics and neurotics have a very impure mooladhara chakra. Basic motivation is to satisfy the basic animal instinctive urges. 

Svadhishthana Chakra (Fig-92) 

The word means, ‘The dwelling place of the Self'. 

This chakra is located at the root of the sex organ. 

This has control over the lower abdomen, kidneys and also the sexual and urinary organs. The two testes, vesicles, prostrate, penis the two ovaries, uterus, the vagina, clitoris and the mammary glands. The vyana vayu functions in pervasive activities, its are of action is the whole body. The circulation of blood and lymph and the electrical conduction through nerve fibres are done through vyana vayu whose source is svadhishthana. The consciousness at this center seeks happiness through indulgences in all sense pleasures especially sex. An imbalance in this chakra shows up in a desire to lose oneself in sex, drugs, alcohol, food or 


yoga book   yoga book
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