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If there is any need felt it is to absolutely surrender to Divine guidance. An imbalance here can lead to confrontations with the guardian angels or the embodiments of your fears that manifests as entities. Sometimes instead of surrendering absolutely to the flow of life we become busy attempting to direct it. This denies much of the magic that can happen when you totally surrender to the Divine. 


  • This chakra has 1000 petals or innumerable nadis. The 50 Sanskrit alphabets are repeated here over and over again. 

  • At this center all dualities vanishes and only the experience of one whole remains. 

  • Plane - Satya Loka; Element- Pure consciousness; Planet- Ketu 

Structure of the Universe 
(Seven planes of existence)

 Just like our Planet Earth, which has been broadly divided into six great land masses called continents, similarly our universe both seen and unseen ones, has been broadly divided into 14 different planes of existences by ancient sages of India. Each plane consists of matter of a particular density, a particular level of consciousness and its own distinct life forms. Of these 14 planes, seven are considered lower than ours and not much information about them is available. The names of these seven lower planes are: 


We shall discuss the characteristics of the seven higher planes of which ours is the lowest. The names of the higher planes are:

Bhu Loka 
Bhuvar Loka (Astral Plane) 
Svara Loka (Heaven) 
Mahar Loka 
Jana Loka 
Tapo Loka 
Satya Loka 
- Physical Plane
- Astral Plane
- Lower Mental Plane
- Higher Mental Plane
- Higher Mental Plane
- Higher Mental Plane
- Causal Plane

Characteristic properties of each plane

  • Each plane has its own matter of appropriate degree of density.

  • Each plane is superimposed on each other but the higher plane extends far beyond in
    space than the one below.

  • The vibrations are more rapid on each succeeding higher plane.

  • In each plane the soul develops its instruments so as to express a greater degree of power and wisdom.

yoga book   yoga book
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