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Svara Loka (Heaven or lower mental plane) 
Like the astral plane on death people with better karmas move on to this plane for enjoyment of their good karma on Earth. Life is similar to the astral plane but the sense of enjoyment is much refined and better. Indra is the king of Heaven. Various Devatas (Deities) dwell here. It is a place that provides the best sensual enjoymens. The enjoyments in Heaven are more intense and pleasurable. However they do not give eternal peace or bliss. There is jealousy in Heaven, there are likes and dislikes in Heaven. Demons fight with godly beings. A life in Heaven is very much the same sort of life that we lead here or in the astral plane, only much more happier. It is however not a permanent abode. The heavenly beings have a brilliant body adorned with shining garments. There are innumerable social activities, many and varied as to appeal to every taste. There is music and dancing in large ballrooms, there are lectures and debates on almost any subject held in large forums, there are shows, sports events, science exhibits, design shows, everything that one can imagine. Everyone maintains a youthful appearance. 
There is a governing body and a hierarchy with people having different responsibilities. Heaven is a place of enjoyment only. Fresh karmas cannot be done here. One has to get back to this Earth plane for gaining moksha. 

Mahar, Jana, Tapo Lokas (Higher Mental Planes or Higher Heavens) 
Only extremely virtuous souls, who have controlled their senses and have gained self knowledge in varying degrees reach these regions. Neither hunger nor thirst, neither heat nor cold, neither grief nor fatigue, neither fear nor anything disgusting or inauspicious is found here. There is no old age. Delightful fragrance pervades everywhere. The inhabitants have resplendent bodies. The dwellers are free from envy, grief, ignorance and malice. They live very happily. The joy and bliss experienced by the beings here are hundred's of times better than the beings of the lower planes. 

Satya Loka (Plane of Truth also known as Brahma Loka, Siva Loka, Goloka, Vaikuntha or causal plane) 

Man as an individualized soul is essentially bodied. That body is a matrix of ideas required by God as the basic or causal thought forces from which He later formed the subtle astral body and the gross physical body. All beings here experience the causal world through their causal body. Causal desires are fulfilled by perception only. The nearly free beings encased only in the causal body see the whole universe as made of different ideas of God. They can materialize anything and everything by sheer thought. Causal beings therefore consider the enjoyment of physical sensations or astral delights as gross and suffocating to the soul's fine sensibilities. Causal beings work out their desires by materializing them instantly. 

Those who are covered only by the delicate veil of the causal body can bring universes into manifestation even as God. The causal world is indescribably subtle. There one perceives all created things — solids, liquids, gases, plants, animals, men, gods, etc. as forms of consciousness. Whatever a human being can do in fancy a causal being can do in reality.

Souls in the causal world recognize one another as individualized points of joyous spirits. Causal beings by thought alone are able to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. They can create anything and dissolve it by sheer thought. Causal bodied beings eat only the ambrosia of 


yoga book   yoga book
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