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eternally new knowledge. Many beings remain for thousands of years in the causal cosmos. 

The undeveloped man must undergo countless earthly and astral and causal incarnations in order to emerge from his three bodies. A master who achieves this final freedom may elect to return to earth as a prophet to bring other human beings back to God. He may also choose to act as a savior in the astral or the causal cosmos. 

The physical karma or desires of man must be completely worked out before his permanent stay in the astral world is possible. The astral beings are of two types. The temporary visitors who come from earth and will soon return there. The others are permanent residents who have freed themselves from all material longings and have no need to return to earth or any other similar physical planet. Such beings have only astral and causal karmas to work out. At astral death they move on to the causal world and keep transmigrating between the astral and the causal world till all their astral karma is worked out. After working out all astral karma a being becomes a permanent member of the causal world. There, working out all causal karma he emerges from the causal body and commingles with the eternal and reaches the transcendental abode. 

Transcendental Abode (Sphere of Brahman) 
Above and beyond the seven planes is the transcendental abode of God. This is pure, eternal, changeless, vibrationless, motionless and effulgent. This is our real home. The highest enlightened being, fully liberated masters reach here. When a soul releases itself from all the five bodies, it then becomes one with the Infinite and reaches here. It however does not loose its sense of individuality. This is the realm of eternal peace and bliss to which a Hindu aspires. This is the highest Moksha. 

Purification and activating the chakras 

Chakra awakening practices begins with Agnya chakra. This creates a strong sense of detachment in the mind. This detachment is very much needed during lower chakra awakening because this can create tremendous instability, physical, mental, emotional shocks in the sadhaka. The techniques given in this lesson has been explained in the lessons on Hatha Yoga. Whenever there is a doubt learn the techniques carefully from an experienced teacher. 

Agnya chakra 

  • Trataka 
  • Shambhavi mudra 
  • Jala neti 
  • Jyoti mudra 
  • Bhramari pranayama 
  • ‘OM' technique of meditation 
  • Shirshasana 

Mooladhara chakra 

  • Ashwini mudra  
yoga book   yoga book
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