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Bhagavad Gita 

Sanatana Dharma Scriptures 

The Vedas form the core of India's spiritual traditions They are the supreme authority. The Vedas are the basic source that has inspired everything in India's spiritual, religious, and socials traditions. 

The Vedas are ‘Apourusheya' 
It means of non-human origin. ‘Pourusheya' is the work of man. Since it is not the work of man the Rishis who were human beings did not write them. If they had written them, they the Rishis would have been called Mantra Kartas or the composers of the mantras. But in actual fact, they are called only Mantra Drashtras or the seers of the mantras. This means that the Rishis found or discovered the Vedas and did not compose them or create them. The Rishis, discovered the mantras already in existence and made them known to the world. The mantras had existed always. Since the Rishis discovered them, their names are associated with the mantras. Therefore, credit is due to the Rishis for having brought the already existing but till then unknown Veda mantras to the knowledge of men. 

The Vedas are Anaadi 
This means without a beginning in terms of time. That is to say, anything previous to it or older than it does not exist. This means that it has existed at all times. It is known from the Shaastras that the Vedas existed prior to creation. Brahma himself is said to have undertaken creation with the aid of the Veda mantras which existed as sound vibrations in space. This is borne out by one of the Puraanas, Srimad Bhagavata, which, amongst other things, describes how Brahma created the worlds. In the Brihadharanyaka Upanishad (2.4.10) it is mentioned that the Vedas are Ishwara's breath. ‘Nishwasitam' is the word used denoting exhalation of breath. The Vedas are the vibrations of the breath, of the Paramaatma or the Supreme Self. If the Paramaatma who has no beginning in time exists forever without any beginning in time, then the Vedas as His life breath, are naturally anaadi, as they coexist with Him. The point to note here is that even God is not said to have brought the Vedas into existence. Even He cannot be said to have created them. They have always existed together. 
Brahma, the first born was the first Rishi who came to know all the Veda mantras. He is made aware of these by God Himself. How? Did He recite them to be learnt by Brahma? No, He gave them through His heart. The opening verse of Bhagavata Purana refers to it as ‘Tene Brahma hridaaya aadikavaye'. It is clear, therefore, that the Vedas always existed within Him as His breath. His breath creates the cosmic vibrations when He wills it. When He stops His breath He remains in vibrationless state His transcendental state. His breath produces sound vibrations. These sound vibrations contain the seeds or the laws of creation. Brahma became aware of these laws as soon as God willed it. Brahma began his creation with the 


yoga book   yoga book
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