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Signs of a Self-Realized Master (Bhagavad Gita) 

  • One who has given up all desiring and cravings of the ego enslaved mind and one who is satisfied in the Self through the joy of the Self. (BG Ch 2, Sl.- 55) 

  • One who remains undisturbed during sorrow and do not crave for pleasure and one who he free of all attachment, fear and anger. (BG Ch 2, Sl.- 56) 

  • He who is unattached to everything and meeting with good or evil, neither rejoices nor recoils (BG Ch 2, Sl.- 57) 

  • One who remains calm in the midst of pairs of opposites like heat and cold, joy and sorrow, honor and dishonor. One who can treat a clod of earth and gold alike. (BG Ch 6. Sl - 7,8) 

  • One who looks with an equal eye on, well-wishers, friends, enemies, neutrals, mediators, objects of hatred, the virtuous and the sinful.(BG Ch 6, Sl.- 9) 

  • He who is free from enmity towards all beings, friendly and compassionate, rid of ‘I' and ‘Mine' balanced in joy and sorrow, forgiving, contented and surrendered his mind and intellect to God. (BG Ch 12, Sl-13, 14) 

  • One who is not a source of annoyance to anyone and who does not get disturbed by anyone and who is free from delight, envy, fear and perturbation. (BG Ch 12, Sl.- 15) 

  • He who neither rejoices nor hates, nor grieves nor desires, who has renounced both good and evil actions. He who wants nothing, pure, clever and impartial and who has renounced the feeling of doership. (BG Ch 12, Sl-16, 17) 

  • One who treats friend and foe alike, praise or blame alike and remains balanced in all contrary experiences.(BG Ch 12, Sl-18, 19) 

In this path of Vedanta, we are told that we are already pure and perfect and all that we have to do is to remove the veil of ignorance. Because of this idea there is an increasing tendency among teachers and students alike to consider the process of enlightenment as something which can be achieved quickly even instantly. Any trick or secret formula can never achieve enlightenment. It is always a slow steady growth that takes time, patience and effort. An enlightened person is one who reflects in his personality and activities the marks mentioned above. A person is enlightenment is tested not by the smile on his face but by his behavior and attitude when he is put through severe physical pain or trials and tribulations in any form. 

Caste System in Indian Society 

Life in man's bodily kingdom is cooperatively served and protected in general by the head or brain, skin surface and inner organs, hands and feet. The feet provide basic labor and service in the form of support and locomotion of the body. The skin surface and the inner organs of the body carries on all the business transactions through communication with the outer world and it is also a field tilled and reaped of experiences connected with material life. The 


yoga book   yoga book
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